Guest Post: On Getting Published

Namrata writes a piece for TOI Opinion where she shares her journey from a blogger to becoming a published author.

As a writer, I understood the importance of getting published on one of my trips abroad. On saying “I am an author.” I was immediately asked, “Published?” And when I said, “Yes, in about 8 anthologies and one solo collection.” Their expressions said it all. From awe to pleasure, it was all writ on their faces.

My first publication happened through an anthology contest by a reputed publishing house and so did the rest of them. In total, I have been published in 11 anthologies so far.  However, this gave me a little insight into the process of publishing. A novice then, for me it was interesting to note the plethora of options available to me as an aspiring writer. But when it came to getting my solo book published I never got a chance to choose, as I had won another contest where my book was chosen for publication. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a fib, but fortunately, I didn’t incur any monetary losses.  So today, if someone were to ask me about my publishing experience I would say. “It has been a mixed experience so far!” without batting an eyelid. 

Read the full piece on TOI Blogs.

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