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About us

We are a team of qualified professionals with a total experience of 25+ years among us on various topics ranging from Real Estate, Equity, Legal, and Finance.

We aim to be present on both sides of your balance sheet. And promise to be the one-stop solution for all your money matters.


To attract money, you must focus on wealth.


Our money experts guide you at every step once you choose us to be your Financial Advisors.


Help your money make money for you while you do nothing!


Create millionaires around the globe

Our Services

  1. Real Estate Consultancy

We work with only reputed builders.

Our clients include:

*Click on the images above to see their projects.

Each of them has a track record of delivering on time in the business, this ensures the safety of your hard-earned money. 

We DO NOT charge our clients. No false commitments/promises. 

2. Investments

We offer a bouquet of Investments i.e. Equity and Property.

In property, we offer our select clients discounts of up to 10%-20% on the market value of the property.

Do the terms mutual fund, equity, Corporate Deposits, Bonds, etc. all sound Greek and Latin to you? Do you want to become rich by investing but don’t know how? Generate a passive income? Don’t worry, you are not alone! 

We simplify investments for you and also help you grow a portfolio that suits your short-term and long-term goals. It will keep growing at the pace you choose.

Did you know you could invest as low as INR 5000/- per month?

For our select equity clients, we offer returns up to 30% p.a.

We will help you create wealth.

3. Liaisoning

Looking to procure land papers from the government? Or seeking a NOC from the previous owner? Need a duplicate of the sale deed? We also offer services like getting project approval, land clearance, RERA approvals, etc. 

We help you liaison all your documents with necessary government departments and procure them for you. We also offer 3rd party services.

You want it. We deliver it.

  1. Legal Services

Our team of legal experts can help you with all your legal issues, be it property-related, civil, or criminal.

Consultation charges are Rs.2000/- for 30 minutes on phone or Zoom or Video Conferencing and Rs.5000/- for an hour-long meeting at his/her office or your office/residence. 

Legal Services will include taxation, criminal, property law, disputes, etc. Our consulting lawyers are practicing lawyers from the high court of Mumbai

5. Loans & Finance

We arrange for private property finance for 11 months tenure of @2% per month for a max period of up to 11 months. 

We offer different kinds of loans like home loans, project loans, loans against property, etc.

6. Investor Meet-Ups

India is a booming market for real estate, investments, start-ups, and all things digital. 

It is just the initial setup of the groundwork that sounds humongous. But what if someone held your hand and walked you through it all? Then it sounds like a cakewalk, isn’t it?

If you are a startup/ a company wanting to create a market base in India, we have the right place for you to start with – US.

We will help you in organizing investor meets, trade fairs, or launch parties for your products. We will advise you on what to expect, how to go about it, and also work with you on it.  

  1. Succession Planning

In today’s times’ uncertainty is weighing heavy on our conscience. In 2020, we added a new term to the list of life-changing uncertainties – pandemic.

Succession planning ensures you can continue to work without worrying about your family and loved ones. Any risk you take in the business will stay miles away from them. It includes investment planning, creating a will, getting all family members insured against all exigencies, and other such details.

With our succession planning, we aim to provide you with the proper groundwork for your loved ones.  Your worry is no longer yours alone!

  1. Real Estate Private Equity MF

An investment program funded by clients who are looking for lucrative real estate deals but do not have the legal, technical knowledge, or the time to trade in diversified real estate holdings. This fund is professionally managed.

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