Monday Microscope: A Writer’s Journey by Karma (Guest Post)

Dear Readers, I am very grateful to Team KC for providing me with the opportunity to feature on the blog. It’s a refreshing feeling to be welcomed into sharing my literary work without the small caveat of constantly being asked to pay for the privilege. Before I tell you about my new novel, I wantContinue reading “Monday Microscope: A Writer’s Journey by Karma (Guest Post)”

Friday Figments: Weekly Writing Prompt

This week’s prompt is this haunting scene from the movie Anguish (2015) Do feel free to use this prompt in any form and share your write-ups with us. The best ones get featured in our newsletter and stand a chance to have a free feedback from our Beta readers on their writing.t ones get featuredContinue reading “Friday Figments: Weekly Writing Prompt”

Writing Tips & Tricks

As an aspiring writer, it is obvious for one to feel overwhelmed with the whole process of writing a book. It is a long process and there is no rule book to abide by. Where to start from, how to start, how to write, how to end – the list of wheres, whys and howsContinue reading “Writing Tips & Tricks”

Monday Microscope: Akira Mentorship Program

Are you a writer (or want to be one) but don’t know where to start? Do you have an idea for the next best seller but are struggling to make it happen? Are you looking for someone who not only understands your vision but also works with you on it to make it better? DoContinue reading “Monday Microscope: Akira Mentorship Program”

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