Wednesday Wisdom: Pitch Perfect

Did you know, the acceptance of your submission, also depends on your pitch. It plays an important role as it acts like a covering letter for your manuscript. A letter or email sent to an editor or agent which details an idea for a magazine, newspaper, book or other publication, along with an attempt toContinue reading “Wednesday Wisdom: Pitch Perfect”

Author Confessions by Anangsha Alammyan

I had always been writing poems for as long as I can remember. My poems had been published in several online platforms and had won some major international writing competitions, but the urge to have my work out there in a book was overwhelming. I wanted that coveted laurel of being called a ‘writer’ andContinue reading “Author Confessions by Anangsha Alammyan”

Monday Microscope: Author Branding

In today’s times, author branding has gained so much importance that it is impossible to ignore this while continuing to work on your masterpiece. As some famous author had once said, “Till about close to two decades ago, authors did not have to worry about anything except working on their book. But in today’s times,Continue reading “Monday Microscope: Author Branding”

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