Book Review: Scavenger’s Hunt by Michaelbrent Collings

About the Book Image Source: A #1 bestselling horror author with a QUARTER MILLION BOOKS DOWNLOADED brings you “a great, complex story” (Horror After Dark) with “twists and turns that keep you guessing right up towards the end” (Horror Drive-In). “I already know all your names. As for me… you can call me Mr.Continue reading “Book Review: Scavenger’s Hunt by Michaelbrent Collings”

Monday Microscope: A Writer’s Journey by Karma (Guest Post)

Dear Readers, I am very grateful to Team KC for providing me with the opportunity to feature on the blog. It’s a refreshing feeling to be welcomed into sharing my literary work without the small caveat of constantly being asked to pay for the privilege. Before I tell you about my new novel, I wantContinue reading “Monday Microscope: A Writer’s Journey by Karma (Guest Post)”

Monday Microscope: Shaping your story

Question: As a debut author I am stuck and not sure how to point this out simply! I have content written from 2008 till recent times. Things have changed because the world has changed. My content needs to be restructured, pruned, and the chronology also needs to be shifted. Second point about the brief ideaContinue reading “Monday Microscope: Shaping your story”

Monday Microscope: Role of an Editor

“My manuscript got rejected by a publishing house because they felt my language skills were bad. They said I needed a good editor. But isn’t that their job? Also, how can I work on this now. I have always written in simple English.” – Animesh

Monday Microscope: The Right Way to Comma

Today, on Monday Microscope we have got an interesting query regarding the mysterious Oxford Comma. ” I have been a part of a local writer’s group  and have recently been getting feedback about the inappropriate usage of comma in my writings. The more I read about it, the more confusing it all seems to me.Continue reading “Monday Microscope: The Right Way to Comma”

Monday Microscope: On writing

Today we addressing an interesting question on novel-writing. I have an excellent idea which I am sure can be a best selling novel. How do I start writing it down? There are so many suggestions and ideas that I am confused which is the best way to tell a story in words. – Kshitij PContinue reading “Monday Microscope: On writing”