New Release: Who wants to marry a Mamma’s Boy and Other stories by Manjula Pal

About the Book Who Wants to Marry a Mammas Boy and Other Stories is an engaging collection of short stories by columnist and award-winning writer Manjula Pal. She strings together the emotional journeys of a diverse set of women at different stages in their life.

New Release: Curse of the Blue Sapphire by Avik Davar

About the Book A rich Delhi socialite dies, leaving behind a peculiar will. To inherit his estate, his wife Gurleen Rambal must confess to an infidelity and name the father of her only son, or face expropriation. But, the gritty and honourable Gurleen spurns the will and loses all her wealth. Even her son desertsContinue reading “New Release: Curse of the Blue Sapphire by Avik Davar”

New Release: The Lion Of Kashmir by Siddhartha Gigoo

About the Book From the Commonwealth Prize-winning author comes another intense story from Kashmir Commandant Abdul Aziz, Special Forces, Kashmir, is a legendary police officer in the Valley, albeit not always for good reasons. And then one day he disappears.

New Release: How to Become Rich by Devdutt Pattanaik

ABOUT THE BOOK Lakshmi is worshipped as the goddess of wealth. Her arrival is considered auspicious, while her departure is bad and inauspicious. In temples, gods are bedecked with jewels; during festivals, our houses are decorated with flowers, lamps and Lakshmi’s footprints. Clearly, she is a much-desired goddess.

New Release: Yakshini by Neil D’Silva

A toe-curling, spine-tingling tale with a mix of fantastic creatures and unforgettable characters! ABOUT THE BOOK Halfway to the heavens, in a realm hidden by clouds, a divine beauty—a Yakshini—is facing a sentence for her folly. Down on earth, a couple in Maharashtra is expecting their seventh child, and is performing a special yajna toContinue reading “New Release: Yakshini by Neil D’Silva”