Varunika Rajput (Author)

I approached Namrata for my upcoming book, titled WOMEN & THEIR WORLD: Tales of love, loss, and survival. I got introduced to her and her nature of work through a workshop in 2021. That introduction got validation from another author whose book she had already beta read and is slated to release this year. I haven’t had one moment of doubt ever since I decided that she would be my Beta Reader.

Namrata is a thorough professional. And by that I mean she values your time and work. She delivered the reviewed copy within the time frame that we had decided upon and with some very keen and crisp observations. They say God lies in the details. And Namrata definitely has a thing for details. She is forthcoming about the mistakes and ways in which your manuscript can improve. Take it or leave it. But you cannot ignore it.

I think that’s what struck me most about her working style. Working with her was a breeze primarily because she knows her work and yet she is open to all sorts of queries. And that is what an author needs especially if it’s a debutant like me. I would recommend her to absolutely everyone in the writing fraternity.

Published by The Lost Wanderer

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