About Us

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Keemiya means Alchemy which is a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

At Keemiya Creatives we believe every story is born out of a need, a need to be written, to be told and heard. To fulfill this need every writer has to undergo a journey of transforming an idea into a plot, a story-line, add characters, layer it with narrative and give birth to a novel.

Keemiya Creatives promises to be your friend, philosopher and guide throughout this transformation process.

Who are we 

We are a team of young (at heart) and energetic (at work) creatively passionate individuals (editors, beta readers, manuscript reviewers, marketing personnel) with varied experience across the publishing industry and/or literary world. We bring along our unique perspective, problem solving attitude and innovative ideas to help you fulfill your dream of becoming an author. Our key focus is on providing editorial assistance to authors along with book marketing and author branding services.

All of us put together have an experience of 15+ years in publishing industry, marketing, sales and distribution which helps us ensure authors have support before, during and after writing a book.

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