New Offerings – 2021

In January 2021, we completed 3 years of being in operations. And these 3 years have looked something like this:

45 books edited and released

30 manuscripts evaluated and reworked on

5 book to screen proposals worked on

6 scripts written

3 writers mentored

The journey has been exciting and something we are immensely proud of.

This year, we are launching some new services in addition to what we already have in the past.

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And we are on YouTube!

2020 was a year that was unforgettable in many ways.

The world struggled with a global pandemic and all of us were forced to relook at our career/ job opportunities to adapt to the changes around. At Keemiya Creatives, we took this opportunity to add to our current offerings and create some innovative ways for book marketing.

That innovation brought us to YouTube, which as we observed seems to be a much loved space for book-lovers. Creative visuals and interesting videos were something everyone reached out for a lot in 2020. Be it to add to their already existent skill set or to simply learn something new – YouTube had answers to everything.

New Release: The Powerful, The Powerless by Shiva Dhuli

About the Book

This story is set in a fictitious country where deceitful, Machiavellian politicians, who commit heinous crimes without batting an eyelid, pretend to be the guardians of the country, making a farce of democracy.
Bharat, the protagonist of the novel, is a humble, young man from a lowly background who has big dreams. But his dreams go awry when his path in life crosses that of some such powerful and unscrupulous politicians. Does he have any chance to fight and triumph over them?

Young Bharat finds his life living in a small, far-flung town, in a community that fiercely holds on to all regressive ideas and beliefs, so far removed from what he imagines for himself.
Bharat dreams of becoming a man of some stature, and when a crisis in his life threatens his dream he flees to a big city, hoping that he could lean on some arm of the government and the country and realize his dream one day.
But what his life in the big city – through his adolescence to adulthood – teaches him is shockingly different from what he had imagined and hoped for.
At every stage in his life, he finds the very guardians of the country turn his nemeses, and throw hurdles his way and thwart his dream.
Then he faces the biggest hurdle of his life, Kansakumar, the Chief Minister of the state, who wrongs the love of his life and makes his whole world turn topsy-turvy. Can he take on this challenge?

A poignant saga of the power of passion, hope, and agony

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Cover Reveal – Lahore by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar


The first book of The Partition Trilogy by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

About the book

In the months leading up to independence, in Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Vallabhbhai Patel are engaged in deliberations with British Viceroy Dickie Mountbatten over the fate of the country. In Lahore, Sepoy Malik returns home from the Great War hoping to win his sweetheart Tara’s hand in marriage, only to find divide-and-rule holding sway, and love, friendships and familial bonds being tested. 

Set in parallel threads across these two cities, Lahore is a behind-the-scenes look into the negotiations and the political skullduggery that gave India its freedom, the price for which was batwara. As the men make the decisions and wield the swords, the women bear the brunt of the carnage that tears through India in the sticky hot months of its cruellest summer ever.

Backed by astute research, The Partition Trilogy captures the frenzy of Indian independence, the Partition and the accession of the states, and takes readers back to a time of great upheaval and churn.


‘As the men fought over religion and maps, the Partition heaped unspeakable atrocities on women. Manreet’s book is a faithful, unforgiving look at what was and also what shouldn’t have been. Lahore is breathtaking in scope, painful yet gentle to the touch.’ – Taslima Nasreen, author of Lajja and Shameless

‘Vivid and atmospheric. By deftly weaving the personal and the political, Manreet Sodhi Someshwar transports us to the uncertain months leading up to the tragedy of Partition.’ – Aanchal Malhotra, author of Remnants of a Separation

‘A timely reminder of what differences and divisions can do … An engaging read that tries to humanize the politics of the partition. Current, relevant and important. This is a voice which makes you question, rethink and reimagine the past as the future and the future as the past. A voice to pay attention to in these times of rising intolerance and right-wing extremism. A voice of reason and reckoning.’ – Sabyn Javeri, author of Hijabistan

‘Tension pervades this first part of Manreet Sodhi Someshwar’s Partition trilogy. It wafts through the corridors of power, penetrates bonds between friends and lovers, and befouls the earth itself. Without releasing the reader from its ominous undercurrent, Manreet deftly weaves the big strands of history with the finer threads of human feeling, reminding us of a calamity that tore apart not just nations and states but also the heart and spirit of a people.’ – Manu S. Pillai, author of The Ivory Throne: Chronicles of the House of Travancore

About the Author

Manreet Sodhi Someshwar is an award-winning and bestselling writer of seven books, including the Mehrunisa series, the critically-acclaimed The Long Walk Home and The Radiance of a Thousand Suns, and most recently, The Partition Trilogy. Hailed as ‘a star on the literary horizon’ by Khushwant Singh and garnering endorsements from Gulzar for two of her books, Manreet and her work have featured at literary festivals in Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, India and NYC. Her articles have appeared in The New York Times, the South China Morning Post and several Indian publications. Manreet lives in New York City with her husband, daughter and cat.

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News from the literary world

Indian readers’ wish-list fulfilled; Himalayan Writing Retreat launches country’s first weekly bestseller book list

Indian readers’ wish-list fulfilled; Himalayan Writing Retreat launches country’s first weekly bestseller book list

  • Nielsen data-backed list includes 60% Indian book sales across online and physical stores
  • Weekly Update on Top 50 Fiction, Top 50 Non-Fiction and Top 25 Children’s books

Mukteshwar: July 20, 2021 – India is the world’s 7th largest book market but didn’t have its own credible, regularly updated list of bestselling books, until now. To help Indian readers simplify their search for fiction, non-fiction and children’s books, the Himalayan Writing Retreat (HWR) announces India’s first comprehensive weekly bestseller book list titled ‘The HWR Bestseller List.’

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New Release: The Soul Crafter by Barry Cheema

About the Book

The Holy Grail School had a long-term reputation as an institution of stern discipline, good behaviour, and high goals. One day, something goes wrong. Everything changes as if someone had cast a spell on the entire school.

’You think you are not hypnotised but the reality is that you already are. And the irony is that you are not even aware of it.’

                                                                                        –          The Soul Crafter

About author

Barry Cheema is the author of ‘Your destination has arrived!’ The book had been released in 130 countries and earned rave reviews for its unique storyline. He is a graduate in music and had done an acting and theatre course with ‘Actor Prepares.’ Apart from poetry, composing and programming songs, he is well known for his singing. He is from Panchkula.

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Guest Post: Tips for Aspiring Writers by Namrata

As a published author I am asked very often to give tips for aspiring writers. If there is one tip I could share with them it would be this – Tell a story that you just cannot hold it within you anymore. You remember that feeling of being in love so much that you had to tell it to the person you were in love with?  Telling a story is akin to that. Just like love envelops you completely, the story and its characters engulf you pushing you to tell their story.

Every time someone says I want to be the next *insert a best-selling author’s name* I am always taken aback. Why would you want to be a second-hand version of someone else? The world already has one; there is no need for another. Why not try bringing in your own USP and make the world notice you? That happens when you stop following the herd and try to do what you always believed in firmly. However weird and unrealistic it might sound, your belief in it will make it real.

Remember Harry Potter was rejected many times before being selected? Not everyone is able to judge a masterpiece in the first instance. The main question is and should always be – Did those rejections make J K Rowling give up and change her thoughts on writing? No, she kept trying because she believed in her own work.

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New Release: It Follows You by Keran Pantth Joshi

About the Book


A curse, an evil-eye, a spell, or the demon – IT FOLLOWS YOU… in different forms. Evil lurks at every corner, ready to follow you when you least expect it, waiting to take a macabre turn.

Twelve lives. Multiple curses. One Fear.

Traversing through the dingy lanes of the hinterland to busy streets of metro cities, these stories will tap your fears, make you question your beliefs, and leave you thinking.

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New Release- A Lost Wanderer: A Book of Memories by Namrata

Book Blurb

Laze on the sunny beaches of Australia, drown your worries at the Varanasi Ghats or get lost in the endless roads of Pangong Lake – this book promises to infect you with an incurable wanderlust. Sprinkled with liberal doses of real life incidences and stories these pages capture the real magic of a place through its people in the perfect manner.

Be it the old man climbing the Sydney Eye at the age of 80 or the lonesome kid at Nubra Valley they promise to redefine life like never before. Fasten your seat belts as you embark on a journey of a lifetime with A Lost Wanderer where the greys of life are accentuated to create the most spectacular silhouette to warm your insides.

Author Bio

Namrata is A Lost Wanderer who loves travelling the length and breadth of the world. A published author in various anthologies and magazines she enjoys capturing the magic of life in her words. She is always in pursuit of a new country and a new story. She can be reached at diaryofthelostwanderer@gmail.com

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New Release: Cosmic Probabilities by Rutuparna Thatte

5 lives. 3 choices. 1 goal.

The desire for revenge incubates the idea of re-establishing the political institution which destroyed one’s life. He starts the game of manipulation using the cursed occult science with computers unprecedented to his time. The state’s democracy is the hunt.

But the noble zeal has its roots in revenge.

What is the real power of the human mind?
Is it weak to get manipulated?
Will the individual instinct prevail over the social order?
Or will someone…?

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