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~ What do we do~

We edit books, offer beta reading/ manuscript assessment services, analyse their marketability, can be the writing buddy too, to keep the ghosts of writer’s block away!

We also market the books across social media platforms and help authors become a brand in themselves.

We believe that there are different stages where the author might need help in various aspects. So we have tried to be there at every possible step for you with our services. Ranging from illustrators, editors, beta readers, cover designers, type-setting professionals to web designers and content writers, we have it all as a part of our team.

You name and we have it!

Editorial Services: Developmental editing, copy editing, line editing, and proofreading.

Content Writing – Website content, Blog Writing, SEO, etc.

Ghostwriting – Books (Academic, Fiction, and Nonfiction)

Book Marketing: Online book promotions on social media, blog reviews, book launches (offline and online), Celebrity endorsements, Live events online with literary guests, Giveaways, Amazon reviews, Book trailers, Print media coverage (newspapers and magazines), radio and TV coverage, etc. Offline distribution of books and placement of books in prominent stores across cities.

Author Branding: Website building, Social Media Handling, Profile building, Creating readership base, Interactive sessions with followers, etc.

Check out all our range of services HERE.

Write to us at to know more about our services or fill in the Contact Us form to hear back from us!

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