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Author Services
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What do we do

Editing services for books

(Fiction and Non-fiction only. Poets, please excuse us.)

  • Developmental editing
  • Copy editing
  • Line editing
  • Proofreading

Know more about our editing process

Beta reading/ Manuscript assessment services

Apart from analyzing a book in all the aspects of writing, we also analyze the marketability of books.

Content Writing

  • Website content
  • Social Media posts
  • Blog Writing
  • SEO

Ghost Writing

Books (Academic, Fiction, and Nonfiction)

Know 10 Reasons to Hire Us for Ghostwriting.

Writing buddy

Writing buddy helps you keep the ghosts of writer’s block away! Includes:

  • Daily check-in about the writing progress
  • Reminders of writing to meet your desired goal of word count.
  • Help in research.
  • Sharing writing prompts
  • Guidance on how to write.
  • Feedback on the writing

We also offer 1 on 1 mentoring for writers with extensive feedback on their writing along with guidance on how to improve it.

Publishing Support

  • Cover Design
  • ISBN application
  • Printing support
  • Book Release on Amazon KDP (Including typesetting, formatting and cover design)
  • Submission Kit for traditional publishing (Including Query letter, synopsis and blurb)

Social Media Management for authors

  • Designing posts for social media
  • Handling comments and DM
  • Engaging with followers on a regular basis with giveaways, hosting lives, etc.

Virtual Assistance for authors

  • Email management
  • Managing reader groups on WA/ FB/ Instagram
  • Handling book dispatches
  • Coordinating for literary events, invites, endorsement opportunities, speaking engagements, etc.
  • Responding to DMs on social media.

Book-to-Screen Adaptations

  • Pitch Bible
  • Complete Pitch Deck

Book Marketing

Including but not limited to:

  • Online book promotions on social media
  • Author Interviews
  • Blog reviews
  • Book launches (offline and online)
  • Celebrity endorsements, Live events online with literary guests, Giveaways,
  • Amazon reviews
  • Book trailers
  • Print media coverage (newspapers and magazines)
  • Radio and TV coverage
  • Offline distribution of books and placement of books in prominent stores across cities.

Author Branding

Including but not limited to:

  • Website building
  • Speaker opportunities
  • Corporate tie-ups
  • Panels at lit fests
  • Event organizing at bookshops.
  • Profile building on social media.
  • Creating a readership base through various promotional activities
  • Interactive sessions with followers

Book promotions

We specialize in customized book-promotion strategies to suit author requirements.

We believe that there are different stages where the author might need help in various aspects. And we have tried to be there at every possible step for you with our services. 

Ranging from illustrators, editors, beta readers, cover designers, and type-setting professionals to web designers and content writers, we have it all as a part of our team.

Write to us at to know more about our services or fill in the Contact Us form to hear back from us!

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