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As a writer, we have always been advised to use thesaurus graciously to increase our vocabulary and writing skills. One of the types of thesaurus Team KC recommends to all the writers is The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman. This title has an entire series dedicated to various emotions that can help a writer in effective story-telling.


Her website is one that we strongly urge every writer to book mark and keep visiting it every time they are stuck in their writing.

Interestingly, if you check the website there is an entire section dedicated to writing tools and listed below are different tools (in PDF format) to guide a writer in polishing a particular scene / character / character background/ narrative arc… the list is endless.  It has questions, hints, ideas and segments which if worked upon thoroughly can lead to a better writing experience both for the reader and the writer. They have idea generators, templates and work sheets to help build deep realistic characters in settings that are rooted and seem plausible for a reader to connect with.

Because of the various aspects to be looked into many a times what happens while working on a novel is that the story comes out to be absolutely flat despite it sounding extra-ordinary in the plot. The execution fails and hence leads to a book which can easily be tagged as ‘boring’. Such tools help a writer add more layers to the narrative through descriptions, make characters interesting and make it an engrossing read.

Sharing some examples of how one can add layers to the narrative by using the tools given on the website:

Have you ever wondered how to develop a backstory for a character?


Do you wonder how to show emotions beyond the face of a character?


So what are you waiting for? Hop on their site and check out the plethora of tools available at the click of a button for the writer in you!

Thanks us later! 😉

Have you got any such sites/books which you think every writer MUST know about? Share with us in comments below and let other writers know about it too!

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  1. angelaackerman1 Avatar

    Tanks so much for the shout out–I’m so glad you find our tools, books, and blog helpful. If anyone is looking specifically for the Idea generator or a way to download the tipsheets above (there are a ton, BTW), they can find everything at our sister site, One Stop for Writers.

    Have a great writing week, and thank you again!


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