Press Release: SAGA Fiction announces a Valentine’s Special E-book

SAGA Fiction announces a Valentine’s special e-book




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10 February 2023, New Delhi:

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Saga Fiction (India’s first mobile fiction-reading app) is proud to announce the publication of Eternally Single, Rosa Álvarez by Neerja Pawar. This romantic comedy will be released exclusively as an e-book on 14 February 2023.

Rosa Álvarez leads two lives – one is deceptively normal. A respectable physiotherapist living in Los Angeles: the city of fish tacos and famous bigwigs. She works hard at her job, loves living the single life, and has a trip home to Mexico at the very top of her priority list. And other is her mother’s worst nightmare.   

For one, the first is a lie. She does love her job, but its uniqueness would put any good chick flick to shame. She hasn’t been on a date in five years, at least, not any good ones. And she will do anything to avoid a trip to her sleepy hometown. But when a notorious man from her past shows up in LA, Rosa’s secret life starts unravelling. There’s also the matter of the really annoying actor (who just so happens to be annoyingly good-looking) she keeps bumping into whom she cannot seem to shake off.

Find out if Rosa is able to keep her two worlds separate… or if her mother’s flying chancla will find her first?

Ahead of the release, author Neerja Pawar said: ‘I’d like to believe the book is a perfect blend of a serious personal journey, light-hearted banter and dreamy romance that makes it easy to fly through. It all comes down to one thing: intimacy. It’s so rooted in our being; it means different things to different people, but we all struggle with it a little. Be it intimacy with your friends, your partners, your parents, I’ve tried to explore a little of all of it. But the main purpose was really just to make the audience squeal in delight. So the book packs in all the beloved tropes like meet-uglies, second lead syndrome, family drama, etc. of the hottest romance novels: The Spanish Love Deception, The Kiss Quotient, It Happened One Summer and more!’

Aakriti Patni, co-founder and CEO & Pranika Sharma, co-founder and Editor-In-Chief said: ‘We’ve both grown up on a healthy dose of romance, from Harlequin to Meg Cabot to Nora Roberts and now onto the new-age romances; we’ve read them all! So, to be publishing a romance book that we have loved as readers, is a dream come true. Eternally Single, Rosa Álvarez is a book that would make readers swoon at the romance, scream at the drama, and cry at the angst. It gives you the tingles down your spine and butterflies in your belly feeling that we know every romance reader craves. It makes for the ideal gift; be it for your Valentine, Galentine, or for yourself. And it’s very convenient since it’s on your Kindle, it’s just a click away!’

Born in Bombay and raised on a diet of 2000s’ pop-culture, Neerja Pawar’s stories often revolve around tales passed down from generations—stories that feel like the warm sun, hot honey, and young love. With an editorial eye for what audiences want and an innate ability to write prose that elicits anticipation, Neerja embodies a niche that she wants to see in the world. When she isn’t busy trying to be on either side of a book, she loves lazing at home, curled up with some black coffee and a murder documentary.

Publisher: Saga Fiction

Format: E-book | ISBN: 978-93-92279-03-4 |ASIN (Amazon Kindle): B0BTJ2BN8B | Pages: 230 | Price: INR 110

About Saga Fiction

Bombay-based avid readers and best friends Aakriti Patni and Pranika Sharma launched Saga Fiction in 2020 in an attempt to revolutionize digital reading and storytelling in the Indian subcontinent. The app currently hosts novellas and short fiction ranging from romance, mystery, erotica, young-adult fiction, historical fiction, and bone-chilling thrillers. Saga has grown to publish veteran and debut authors like Jonita Davis, C.L Peache, Ankita Kulkarni, Elle Martin-McKinsey, Hope Bolinger, and more. They also threw their hat in print-publishing in 2022 with Varun Gwalani’s book, with many in the pipeline.

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