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Keemiya Creatives

Keemiya Creatives finds a mention in an article on ghostwriters in India by the Hindu, a leading daily.

Earlier this month, Keemiya Creatives found a mention in an article on ghostwriters in India by the Hindu.

Keemiya Creatives
Keemiya Creatives
Keemiya Creatives

You can read the full article HERE.

About Keemiya Creatives

We have been offering ghostwriting services at Keemiya Creatives since 2014. Since then, we have written 12 non-fiction books and 8 fiction novels. Our track record boasts multiple Amazon bestsellers, thousands of digital book sales, and successful book to screen adaptations. Through our mentoring, authors have unlocked their true potential.

With our latest offering, The Bookbot, we now also have customized book-marketing solutions for authors.

The Bookbot, an initiative by Keemiya Creatives, is dedicated to demystifying book marketing and providing workshops for authors to set and achieve their goals. With a mission to make book marketing transparent and affordable, The Bookbot aims to empower authors with the knowledge and tools to succeed in the highly competitive publishing industry.

We believe that every book is unique and deserves a tailored approach to marketing. There’s no “one size fits all” plan here. Our custom book marketing solutions ensure your book gets the attention it deserves, reaching the right audience and achieving your vision of success.

Keemiya Creatives – The Team

Our founder, Namrata is a visionary in the world of book marketing, who embarked on an extraordinary journey from a successful decade-long career in investment banking to pursue her true passion for books and writing. Since 2014, she has been deeply immersed in the publishing industry, wearing multiple hats as an editor, mentor, and book marketing expert.

In 2018, Namrata founded Keemiya Creatives with a compelling vision—to make publishing accessible to everyone. Over the last five years, her unwavering dedication has led to the creation of numerous bestsellers on Amazon, achieved through innovative book marketing strategies, alongside her invaluable contributions as an editor and ghostwriter.

In 2023, Keemiya Creatives unveiled The Bookbot, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at demystifying book marketing in India and infusing much-needed transparency into the industry. As the host of this enlightening Swellcast, Namrata brings forth her vast experience of over a decade in the Indian publishing landscape. Namrata’s journey is one of inspiration and empowerment, as she continues to revolutionize the way authors approach book marketing in an ever-evolving world.

Through the Bookbot, she shares her wealth of knowledge, empowering aspiring and self-published authors to navigate the intricate realms of book promotion with confidence and clarity.

Why choose Keemiya Creatives?

At Keemiya Creatives, we’re passionate about empowering authors to succeed in the highly competitive world of publishing. Our founder, Namrata, has over a decade of experience in the industry, working with authors and publishers in various capacities.

With her expertise and insights, we’re on a mission to transform the publishing industry in India by making book marketing and publishing services transparent and accessible to everyone. We take pride in our innovative and customized approach to book marketing. Unlike other marketing agencies, we don’t rely on one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we create tailor-made marketing plans that are designed to meet the unique needs of each author we work with.

Check out the reasons why you should hire us as your ghostwriter.

From understanding the theme of the book to identifying the target audience, we leave no stone unturned to ensure our marketing strategies are in tune with what the author had in mind. Moreover, our Swellcast- The Bookbot Theory, provides a platform for open and honest discussions on all aspects of book marketing, featuring literary experts from diverse backgrounds. With our podcasts and services, we aim to equip authors with the knowledge and tools they need to take charge of their careers and achieve their goals.

Join Namrata on The Bookbot as she unravels the secrets to success, discusses industry trends, shares success stories, and emphasizes the dos and don’ts of book marketing. With her guidance, authors will discover the power to turn their literary dreams into reality.

Check out the Bookbot Swellcast: Your compass to navigate the captivating world of book marketing with us—your beacon of insight, experience, and expertise.

In short, choosing Keemiya Creatives means partnering with a team that is committed to your success. With our experience, insights, and innovative approach, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure your book gets the attention it deserves.

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