New Release: Assassination of the Peshwa by Ankur Choudhary

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Srishti Publishers releases a thrilling historical account of a true story that shook the Maratha Empire.

Assassination of the Peshwa by Ankur Choudhary

About the Book

August 1773, Shaniwar Wada
On a fateful day, the capital palace of Marathas in Poona was drenched in the blood of its own Peshwa.
Marathas were still recovering from the untimely death of Peshwa Madhavrao when the sensational murder of Peshwa Narayanrao shook the empire. The political conspiracy and the murder divided the empire into two factions and brought it on the verge of a civil war.
Unfazed by the threats and political pressure, Ram Shastri Prabhune, the chief justice of the Marathas, initiated the investigation into the murder of the Peshwa.
Who murdered Peshwa Narayanrao? Who was the mastermind behind the conspiracy? Did Ram Shastri manage to deliver justice? What happened to the Peshwai after Peshwa Narayanrao?
Inspired from true events, this is the true account of some sensational murders at Shaniwar Wada and the landmark trial by Ram Shastri Prabhune.

About the Author

Ankur was born, went to school and college in Uttar Pradesh. He is an engineer by education and management consultant by profession. He is an alumnus of of MNNIT, Allahabad and SPJIMR, Mumbai.
Ankur takes time out to spend with books, either reading or writing. He likes to write on socially relevant topics and his debut book is a fictional story around religious divide in the society and its impact on social harmony in India. This is his second book.

Happy Release Day to author Ankur Chaudhary for this brilliant book- Assassination of the Peshwa (Published by Srishti Publishers)

It was a joy working on this book with him. His research on this topic was exceptional adding layers to the story and bringing the characters to life.

Team KC strongly recommends this gem of a book!

The book is now available on Amazon and at all leading stores. Grab your copy now.

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