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At Keemiya, it has been our constant endeavor to provide nothing but the best for the writers. We want to add more value to your writing experience by providing you a well curated list of materials which act as ‘food for thought’ available at the click of a button in your inbox.In an attempt to do so, we are bringing in a monthly newsletter aptly called ‘Ikigai‘.

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Isn’t that what writing means for all of us?

If you are looking for reasons to subscribe to it, we have not one but five reasons for you to sign up.

  1. List of places for submission- As a writer, it is not an easy task to keep a track of all the places open for submissions, note their deadlines and manage to send in the submissions before the due date. In our newsletter we will share a list of five places open for submission that month with their deadlines and also what they are looking for in their submissions. Those five places could be literary magazines, publishing houses, contests with publishing houses, literary agents and other literary competitions.
  2. Spotlight – Every month we will focus on something unique and interesting which will prove to be helpful to you as a writer. It could be a new author/poet, any particular work of theirs, an excerpt from a highly talked about book, a new concept in publishing/writing, a new word or term. The spotlight could be on anything literary.
  3. Writing Prompt – We understand the oh-not-so-welcome bouts of writer’s block and hence will provide you interesting writing prompts month on month which you can use for your free writing exercises. What’s more is that you can even send them to us for a quick read and the best ones will be featured on our blog!
  4. Podcasts/ YouTube Videos For a writer it is important to spend a considerable amount of time on the keyboard, typing away. However we believe it is equally important to feed your mind with creative thoughts that could help you grow as a reader. So every month we will pick at least one Podcast / YouTube Video relevant to writing / publishing to be featured in our newsletter.
  5. Recommended Reads – This handpicked list of recommended reads will cover a range of ‘must-reads’ across books and web-portals acting as a guide for you.

Need more reasons? Sign up to our monthly newsletter HERE and we will give you lots more!

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