Experience V/s Storytelling

Namrata shares her thoughts on storytelling v/s experience – what is important in a narrative. As a published author I am asked very often to give tips to aspiring writers. If there is one tip I could share with them it would be this – Tell a story that you just cannot hold within you anymore.Continue reading “Experience V/s Storytelling”

7 things to know about editing

Editing is a crucial step for every writer aiming to publish a book. To answer a most asked question, yes, it is an important step even if you are considering traditional publishing or approaching a literary agent. While it doesn’t matter after how many drafts one reaches out to an editor, it is important toContinue reading “7 things to know about editing”

From the Founder’s Desk: 5 years and counting…

A note from our founder Namrata on completing 5 years of Keemiya Creatives Twitter just reminded me that it’s been five years since Keemiya Creatives. This notification sent me back in time when in 2018 January I had just officially announced it. The actual work was done in the last few months of 2017 before makingContinue reading “From the Founder’s Desk: 5 years and counting…”

Announcement: Publishing Workshop 101

We are excited to announce our online workshop on Publishing happening in January 2023 in collaboration with Purple Pencil Project. As announced in the previous post, this workshop will be led by Namrata, Founder of Keemiya Creatives. Namrata is a board member at Purple Pencil Project apart from being a freelance writer and editor. AContinue reading “Announcement: Publishing Workshop 101”

Author Confessions: 10 things I wish I knew about being an author that I didn’t know as a blogger

Namrata talks about the mistakes she made on her journey to becoming an author from a blogger. I started blogging in 2011 and eventually got published in 2013. It was a short story that had been chosen for an anthology by a reputed publishing house. It kind of felt surreal in many ways as tillContinue reading “Author Confessions: 10 things I wish I knew about being an author that I didn’t know as a blogger”

New Release: The Soul Crafter by Barry Cheema

About the Book The Holy Grail School had a long-term reputation as an institution of stern discipline, good behaviour, and high goals. One day, something goes wrong. Everything changes as if someone had cast a spell on the entire school. ’You think you are not hypnotised but the reality is that you already are. AndContinue reading “New Release: The Soul Crafter by Barry Cheema”

New Release- A Lost Wanderer: A Book of Memories by Namrata

Book Blurb Laze on the sunny beaches of Australia, drown your worries at the Varanasi Ghats or get lost in the endless roads of Pangong Lake – this book promises to infect you with an incurable wanderlust. Sprinkled with liberal doses of real life incidences and stories these pages capture the real magic of aContinue reading “New Release- A Lost Wanderer: A Book of Memories by Namrata”

New Release: Cosmic Probabilities by Rutuparna Thatte

5 lives. 3 choices. 1 goal. The desire for revenge incubates the idea of re-establishing the political institution which destroyed one’s life. He starts the game of manipulation using the cursed occult science with computers unprecedented to his time. The state’s democracy is the hunt. But the noble zeal has its roots in revenge. WhatContinue reading “New Release: Cosmic Probabilities by Rutuparna Thatte”

New Offerings – 2021

In January 2021, we completed 3 years of being in operations. And these 3 years have looked something like this: 45 books edited and released 30 manuscripts evaluated and reworked on 5 book to screen proposals worked on 6 scripts written 3 writers mentored The journey has been exciting and something we are immensely proudContinue reading “New Offerings – 2021”