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Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go. – E.L. Doctorow

Writing is a lonely and difficult work. People think writing is an easy job, but only a writer knows how difficult it is to actually write something. For example I wanted to be a writer since the age I was 18, and now I am in the mid of my twenties, still struggling to be a renowned or even a well-to-do writer. Even to write this very article it took me one complete day to procrastinate, to think of the topic and come up as to what to write?

It’s been almost 5 years since I am writing but it still seems as if I am an amateur writer. I started my writing journey as a blogger, who was so excited about being a blogger as if it was becoming a famous author in one night. Slowly I realized that blogging is just the beginning for most writers out there. But not all bloggers are good, or have readers. I have been into blogging since past 5 years and I still haven’t been able to grab the reader’s attention to my blog or have been able to make a benchmark for myself. I am still struggling. However between all these 5 years of struggle, I have got small opportunities to get published.

My publishing journey started when an e-magazine published one of my two of blog posts as articles in their magazine. Three of my short stories are published in different anthologies and now again recently one of my articles got published on a social media blog while another one made it to a magazine.


Even though I have these little bundles of happiness to celebrate, what I feel happier about is the experience I have today. How much I have learned throughout these years and am still learning, how my writing has improved, how I still refuse to give up trying my best to reach my goal of being a better writer tomorrow. But there are writers who successfully make their benchmark within a small span of time. While others like me struggle for a long time.

Writing is not easy; it takes time for you to brush your skills, to develop yourself as a writer. To be a writer one has to start from somewhere, even if it is small, even if it means nothing one has to continue writing until one fine day you become a well-known writer. Writing improves by writing. Every writer out there who are famous today used to write shit when they started off, and then that is how their creative juices kept on flowing and finally today they are looked up to in the writing industry.

To be a writer, one needs to be patient.

It is difficult in today’s competitive world to actually evolve as writer, because every other person we meet today wants to be a writer. One cannot be writer in one day; it takes days, months, and years to be a writer. If you love to write and want to be a writer be dedicated to writing and never stop writing. You cannot be a good writer unless you haven’t experience failures. Even the well-known authors/writers out there have been through failures in life. Failures in writing actually teaches you the most important lesson in writing and that is be patient and don’t give up.

Make sure you write for yourself first, please yourself as a writer and the world will eventually appreciate you… Everything will fall in place once you will learn to write for yourself and live the dream of writing as if there is no tomorrow.


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IMG_20170819_132157_713Nazish Kondkar born and brought up in Mumbai is a writer by heart and dreamer by vision. She aspires to be full-time writer and try to  pen her thoughts on writing stories and poems. She is also a blogger. Nazish is a voracious reader and finds solace only in books and stories. Nazish’s various short stories and articles have been published in different e-magazines, social media blogs and also, her 3 short stories have been published in 3 different anthology books. You can read her works and reach her on :

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