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No prizes for guessing what do we talk about in this segment! So without much ado we will proceed to our topic of this post which is the relationship of a city with books. Every city has its own story to tell apart from the hideouts for book lovers like the best place to get second hand books, the local book clubs, and famous authors from that city, their favourite haunts, books inspired by the city and its locales – the possibilities are endless when one tries to define a city through books. And there cannot be anything better to capture the poignancy of it than this beautiful short film made by Sayalee Karkare.

Taking forward her love for books, the director was fascinated with Mumbai when she moved from Ahmedabad. That is when she realized that growing up in a city which has so many literary possibilities for one to explore is an experience in itself.

Whenever you embark on any kind of creative project, you have to feel like you have something to say. We have always been book lovers and have grown up around books. So this film is like our own personal ode to books and reading, because they mean so much to us. Reading, as a pastime, is a rather solitary event and the film was born out of a desire to capture this inner world of reading. “(Source)

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You can watch the full movie HERE.

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