8 Ways to Make Publishing More Inclusive

I was a part of the panel discussion on Inclusive Publishing at the Ananke Women in Literature Festival held last month. It was a great discussion with Arpita Das from Yoda Press, Mehr F Husain from Zuka Books, Christina Dhanraj (Writer, Activist, and Co-founder of Dalit History Month), and me, who were in conversation withContinue reading “8 Ways to Make Publishing More Inclusive”

Monday Microscope: Decoding Publishing- Part 1

Namrata shares insights about the publishing options available for a writer today in India and why the story still remains the heart of any book. I began blogging sometime in 2011 when the literary industry in India was at its peak. The blogging which began more as a love for the written word soon gaveContinue reading “Monday Microscope: Decoding Publishing- Part 1”

7 things to know about editing

Editing is a crucial step for every writer aiming to publish a book. To answer a most asked question, yes, it is an important step even if you are considering traditional publishing or approaching a literary agent. While it doesn’t matter after how many drafts one reaches out to an editor, it is important toContinue reading “7 things to know about editing”

Literary News: India gets a bestseller book list

Indian readers’ wish-list fulfilled; Himalayan Writing Retreat launches country’s first weekly bestseller book list Indian readers’ wish-list fulfilled; Himalayan Writing Retreat launches country’s first weekly bestseller book list Mukteshwar: July 20, 2021 – India is the world’s 7th largest book market but didn’t have its own credible, regularly updated list of bestselling books, until now.Continue reading “Literary News: India gets a bestseller book list”

New Release: Leaving and Other Stories by Shobhaa De (Lockdown Liaisons- Book #1)

As the world is shaken by a virus, Shobhaa De – a writer who understands the human heart and how it beats – felt the need to document not just what she is going through personally but what the entire world is experiencing. And out of this need emerged many unique narratives.

New Release: The Tailender- Cometh the hour, Cometh the power by Anirudh Naveen

BOOK DESCRIPTION The Tailender is a delightful novel written by budding author Anirudh Naveen. The nuances of the game have been interspersed within a narrative to mitigate the various problems confronted by board-exam bound students. In the process, a variety of historical and political references have been made, sure to captivate readers across all ageContinue reading “New Release: The Tailender- Cometh the hour, Cometh the power by Anirudh Naveen”

New Release: How much is too much by Neha Mehrotra

About the book Taken from real life observations How much is too much? questions the reasons why the Indian society has certain prejudice towards divorced women, making it harder for them to take a decision, post a marriage break down. The book runs through the experience of the author from falling in love to goingContinue reading “New Release: How much is too much by Neha Mehrotra”

Book Review: A Week in the Life of Svitlana

About the Book It’s September 2015 and Moscow is witnessing its warmest autumn in living memory. Svitlana Khristenko, a patriotic Ukrainian with dual Russian-Ukrainian citizenship, chooses to live in Moscow, despite her conflicting loyalties. The never-ending political tensions between Svitlana’s two countries have created serious divisions in Moscow’s society with clear labels being assigned toContinue reading “Book Review: A Week in the Life of Svitlana”

Book Review: Scavenger’s Hunt by Michaelbrent Collings

About the Book Image Source: Amazon.com A #1 bestselling horror author with a QUARTER MILLION BOOKS DOWNLOADED brings you “a great, complex story” (Horror After Dark) with “twists and turns that keep you guessing right up towards the end” (Horror Drive-In). “I already know all your names. As for me… you can call me Mr.Continue reading “Book Review: Scavenger’s Hunt by Michaelbrent Collings”