Writer’s Block: It’s all in your head By Nazish Kondkari

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Being a writer is difficult. Especially when you are running out of thoughts and your creative juices are running slow. There are days when you start doubting yourself as a writer, feel empty from within. You might even consider giving up, without an inspiration to write. Unfortunately there is no end to this melancholic trail of thoughts and feeling which every writer faces at some point in their life. I have met very few writers who actually don’t go through such phase which is famously referred to as ‘Writer’s Block’.

Famous writer J.K Rowling came up with the term dementors in the Harry Potter series. They are said to be the substitution of those depressed feelings that actually eat up every bit of the chance to feel good or be happy, unhinging your mind and soul. Similarly Mr. Edmund Bergler, a psychoanalyst came up with the term ‘Writers block’ in the year 1947 to describe this particular phase of being unable to write. Though this writers block may have existed way before him.

But does writer’s block really exist?

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Before writing this article it did exist for me, but then I realized it exists only in our mind. Let’s say the dementors within us, enjoy keeping us away from writing because that makes us happy. They create a writer’s block in our head by making us believe we cannot write.

We need a Patronus charm to fight these dementors and I can help you find your Patronus charm that will combat these dementors and help you come out of this excruciating issue in your life.

The first Patronus charm to alleviate writers block and one that is the most invincible of all is ‘Reading’. When you are facing this writer’s block dementor or have no inspiration to write at all, just read anything you like. Don’t try to find something related to your writing, read merely for the pleasure of it and to escape from this reality. Thereafter try writing about how you feel about it, write about the character you loved or hated or about the book. Re-read the book which actually made you fall in love with reading or gave you the feeling that you want to be a writer. When you finish reading, write about it.

The second Patronus charm is to take a break from writing which does not mean you never return to your writing. It simply means you could take a walk in the garden, cook, watch your favourite move or show, so that your mind is being tricked to do something else rather being forced to do which is not ready to do anymore. Likewise there can be many Patronus charms that you can create, but at the end of it all, the only thing you need to do is write.

In short do anything that makes you feel good – go for shopping, attend a party, go on a picnic, or a weeklong vacation, cook, dance or paint- but when you are done with it write about it. The only thing with which you can kill writers block is through writing itself. When you are stuck in the middle of your story, confused as to how to make this character development or with an article you don’t know how to write or are simply running out of ideas, remember to write something else. Don’t bother about that story, character development and everything that is making you feel like you are facing a writer’s block when you are not. All you have to do is trick your mind.

Don’t stop writing! If at any point if you feel there is nothing to write about, write about how it feels. Writers block is just an excuse that your mind is giving you to not write but you will have to fight back and valiantly come out of it. During this phase, do not try to be perfect. Keep writing whatever you feel like. Sometimes having the pressure of writing everything in perfection also creates a feeling of self-doubt that will eventually make you face the writer’s block dementor.

So don’t ever let the writer’s block bring you down. Remember the only key to overcome it is Write – Write- Write!

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IMG_20170819_132157_713Nazish Kondkari born and brought up in Mumbai is a writer by heart and dreamer by vision. She aspires to be full-time writer and try to pen her thoughts on writing stories and poems. She is also a blogger. Nazish is a voracious reader and finds solace only in books and stories. Nazish’s various short stories and articles have been published in different e-magazines, social media blogs and also, her 3 short stories have been published in 3 different anthology books.

You can read more from her on Lifeandmusing. Nazish also pens down her messy thoughts on her Instagram page or send her an email.

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