#TeamKC is one!


So here we are, having completed a year of operations in June and we cannot be happier.

close up photography of pink birthday cake
Photo by Mohammad Danish on Pexels.com

89 Manuscripts Edited
55 Manuscripts Assessed
19 Book Marketing Plans designed
6 Short Film Scripts Written
5 Sub-title projects worked upon
4 Writers mentored
8 Bestsellers created
112 Giveaways hosted

And that is exactly how our year looked like!

Thank you for being a part of this journey and making it so exciting for us. Going forward into the second year we have a lot of plans to increase the offerings we currently have and keep on making the journey to being published for our writer-friends, worth-while. Apart from the usual add-ons to existing offerings, we also have one huge surprise for all of you writer friends. Don’t miss the announcement on our blog coming soon to know more about it. 

As a gesture of gratitude for all the love and support we have been showered with in the last one year, we are offering an entire month of #SpreadTheWord. In this we will give a free shout out to any aspiring author/poet/author, host them for a live Twitter chat and feature them on our blog. Please feel free to share your works with us either on email or DM us on Facebook / Instagram/ Twitter to #SpreadTheWord.

Not to mention, we have an exclusive 25% discount on all our services for businesses booked in the entire month of July.

If you are an author or book-lover who would like to write for us or want us to feature/review your book do feel free to write to us. (Ofcourse! We pay for all the write-ups.)

As always we would love to hear from you, share your thoughts, ideas, opinions and feedback with us at keemiyacreatives@gmail.com.

Team KC
With us, give wings to your words!

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We are a team of creative consultants looking forward to work with you on your book!

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