Business Biography = Branding

Business biographies are the new visiting cards. Check out the reasons why you should consider having one in place now. Documenting a company’s history through a business biography is akin to preserving a tapestry woven with threads of innovation, perseverance, and transformation. We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and weContinue reading “Business Biography = Branding”

The Bookbot Theory – What, Who, Where and Why?

Keemiya Creatives is proud to announce a new initiative, The Bookbot dedicated to book marketing in India. Welcome to The Bookbot Theory, the ultimate Swellcast for authors who want to navigate the intricate world of book marketing with confidence. I’m your host, Namrata, founder of Keemiya Creatives – A literary consultancy based in Mumbai andContinue reading “The Bookbot Theory – What, Who, Where and Why?”

6 Questions to Consider before joining Threads.

Namrata analyses new social media platform Threads and shares a list of questions before venturing into a new social media platform for everyone. Have you considered joining Threads? I was recently asked the same question. Sharing my thoughts on this with six points you should consider before joining any social media platform. This implies toContinue reading “6 Questions to Consider before joining Threads.”

Monday Microscope: Decoding Publishing- Part 1

Namrata shares insights about the publishing options available for a writer today in India and why the story still remains the heart of any book. I began blogging sometime in 2011 when the literary industry in India was at its peak. The blogging which began more as a love for the written word soon gaveContinue reading “Monday Microscope: Decoding Publishing- Part 1”

Guest Post: All About Second Innings

Namrata writes a piece for TOI Opinion where she shares her experiences of joining the workforce after a sabbatical and changing industries. Ever wondered about how to restart your career after a small gap? Namrata shares lessons from her journey of being a banker before entering the literary community as an editor and writer for The TimesContinue reading “Guest Post: All About Second Innings”

7 things to know about editing

Understand how Team Keemiya works on editing a manuscript. Editing is a crucial step for every writer aiming to publish a book. To answer a most asked question, yes, it is an important step even if you are considering traditional publishing or approaching a literary agent. While it doesn’t matter after how many drafts oneContinue reading “7 things to know about editing”

Announcement: Publishing Workshop 101

We are excited to announce our online workshop on Publishing happening in January 2023 in collaboration with Purple Pencil Project. As announced in the previous post, this workshop will be led by Namrata, Founder of Keemiya Creatives. Namrata is a board member at Purple Pencil Project apart from being a freelance writer and editor. AContinue reading “Announcement: Publishing Workshop 101”

New Offerings – 2021

In January 2021, we completed 3 years of being in operations. And these 3 years have looked something like this: 45 books edited and released 30 manuscripts evaluated and reworked on 5 book to screen proposals worked on 6 scripts written 3 writers mentored The journey has been exciting and something we are immensely proudContinue reading “New Offerings – 2021”

And we are on YouTube!

2020 was a year that was unforgettable in many ways. The world struggled with a global pandemic and all of us were forced to relook at our career/ job opportunities to adapt to the changes around. At Keemiya Creatives, we took this opportunity to add to our current offerings and create some innovative ways forContinue reading “And we are on YouTube!”

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