Wednesday Wisdom: Pitch Perfect

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Did you know, the acceptance of your submission, also depends on your pitch. It plays an important role as it acts like a covering letter for your manuscript.

A letter or email sent to an editor or agent which details an idea for a magazine, newspaper, book or other publication, along with an attempt to sell this particular idea, along with yourself as the potential writer. No difference from a query letter, although query is used mostly for magazine articles, whereas “pitches” often refer to book proposals, too. (Source)

What you tell and what you decide to not tell is of utmost importance. It is like a covering letter for a job application where you have barely two minutes to grab the attention of the agent or the publisher and seek their interest in your manuscript. It has to be perfectly balanced and eye-catching with all the necessary details and yet not go overboard with it.

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You can start with a basic exercise of explaining your story in one line. Most of the script writers and pitch experts swear by this age old technique. According to them if you cannot explain it in one line, there is no way you could have done it in the thousands of words that you claim to have used in your novel.

We once had a query from an author whose stories were spectacular however he never got any response from the publishing houses. A tweak here and a tweak there, voila! He had his first acceptance and that too from a traditional publishing house.

Today he is a proudly published author.

Team KC helps you in writing the perfect pitches and helps you form the right strategy for your book marketing to ensure you grab attention of the publishing houses in one go!

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