Book Review: I Still Love You by Joyita Basak

About the Book

“Some people are very good at making new decisions, Armaan is one of them. Being a son of a celebrity industrialist, everything was at his doorstep. Still he wants to pursue his dreams for satisfaction and success. Indu, a common girl from Charanpur village is struggling to create her existence as a doctor in spite of her messed up life. Difficulties have engulfed her situation and being a girl from an under-privileged family, she herself needs to modify her decision to be the one outstanding.

The story starts when they meet, when their world comes closer. What will happen? That’s what “”I Still Love You”” will portray.”


About The Author

Joyita Basak is a final year student of B-Tech. She is the blogger behind https://itsmycopyright.comk.pdfm. She is currently interning with ISRO and wishes to fulfil her dreams of visiting NASA one day. Fashion designer, influencer and blogger, she has maintained to follow her passion in between her study curriculum. She has her own painting gallery online. Painting is one her inspirations to stay elated.


She has been a part of t2, Telegraph for last few years and contributes daily feedback for them. Apeejay and Oxford Bookstore, Kolkata has really been a major part of her life. Associated with ABSU and AKLF, she maintains to follow her dreams gracefully. Know more about Joyita Basak by visiting


Team KC thinks

Love has been the most written about topic till date. We have love stories and we have hate stories but the core of it all is love. Human relationships are complex and yet equally magical. They have a power to be unexplainable as they follow no logic. Many a times when someone listens to their heart and follows it, it id difficult to understand the right and wrong behind it. And at times, it is destiny that plays a cruel joke to redefine these very relationships.

I still Love you is one such debut by author Joyita Basak where she talks about the complex human relationships and their nuances. The story is a refreshing break from the usual college romances one sees flooded in the market. This story for a change goes beyond the college romance and shows us the maturity with which two people handle what life decides to serve them in the name of love.

I have to remember... it's not over yet. Because autumn frost follows the abundance of summer. Because the Jacaranda flowers unblossom and carpet the ground before I can commit them to memory.

What do you when life leaves you with no choice? You accept what is handed to you and move on graciously. Though easier said than done, people who manage to do that can smile through their tears with grace and never let the bitterness of it all affect them. Rather this hit back is what becomes their biggest strength, helping them face the worst storms of life and still come out as a winner. I still love you is a story of two such individuals who met, fall in love and then fate takes over. To know what happens next you will have to read the book but this mature love story promises to leave you smiling.

The biggest drawback of this book is the poor editing. A proper editing to this story could have added more stars to this already strong plot. There is a lot the author could have done with the characters and their background but instead chose to concentrate on their story solely to convey a strong message. A good story however ridden with editing lapses takes away the charm of enjoying the book.

Having said the above, the fact remains that this book deserves to be read. It is a love story that can reinstate your belief in love and destiny.


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