Book Review: Scavenger’s Hunt by Michaelbrent Collings

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A #1 bestselling horror author with a QUARTER MILLION BOOKS DOWNLOADED brings you “a great, complex story” (Horror After Dark) with “twists and turns that keep you guessing right up towards the end” (Horror Drive-In).

“I already know all your names. As for me… you can call me Mr. Do-Good.”

Five strangers have woken up in a white room. A room with no doors, no windows.

A room with no hope.

5 stars!Sci-Fi & Scary

Because these strangers have been kidnapped, drugged… and brought here as the newest contestants in the world’s most high-stakes scavenger hunt.

A GREAT story that kept me guessing until the end… it will not be a story that you will want to put down!” – The Genre Minx

Run by a madman named Mr. Do-Good, the game offers only two options: win or die.

Unputdownable!” – Fundinmental book reviews

All they have to do to survive is…

complete every task…

on time…

and not break any of Do-Good’s rules.

An entertaining, action-packed read.” – Morbidly Beautiful Reviews

Playing the game will bring the players to their breaking point and beyond. But play they will, because Do-Good has plans for these strangers, and their only chance to live through the night is to discover what’s really behind his Scavenger Hunt.

If you want excitement, don’t miss this one.” – Monster Librarian

With a cover that is screaming for attention in every manner, Collings sets the tone for reader in terms of what to expect from the book and the best part is, he does not disappoint till the last page.

Written in a unique style where the narrative goes back and forth in time, tracing the journey of the characters at different moments in their life, Collings manages to keep the surprise element at its peak in the whole story. His characters are raw and relatable. Their circumstances not only make you connect at a deeper level, they also help you understand their behaviours largely towards the other half of the novel. The backstories of the characters deserve an extra mention here, as the author has really worked hard on the world building and setting up the scene before bringing in the core elements of the plot.

The build-up of the story towards the core crux of it and the creative elements added to ensure it is a ‘gory read’ are praiseworthy. The detailing in the descriptions in what makes this book a true page turner. Every single details comes together towards the end, giving the reader a perfect WOW moment when it all falls into place like a huge jigsaw puzzle. The language is lucid and extremely easy going for a reader to experience the excitement, fear and all the other emotions packed in this book.

The plot is past faced and the narrative does complete justice to it. The twists and turns definitely keep you guessing till the end as you are constantly on tenterhooks expecting the worst to happen to the characters you have began to love by now. With an extremely riveting storytelling style,  Collings has given us a read which can easily be called UN-PUT-DOWN-ABLE!

Highly recommended to lovers of suspense, mystery, horror and thriller – this author’s writing can get addictive!


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