New Release: How much is too much by Neha Mehrotra

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Taken from real life observations How much is too much? questions the reasons why the Indian society has certain prejudice towards divorced women, making it harder for them to take a decision, post a marriage break down. The book runs through the experience of the author from falling in love to going through various stages leading unto a divorce and finally trying to feel ‘normal’ again.

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Do you wonder at times if the occasional fights in your marriage is normal or worth pulling the plug for? Are you suffering in an agonising marriage and wonder what lies ahead? Contemplating a divorce and yet worried sick about the family? Are you staying in your marriage only due to societal taboos? Are you going through a separation already and wondering when will it all end? Then, here are some answers which might give you hope that while your world might have come crashing down but if you do conclude that you deserve better then it is perfectly okay no matter what the world around you feels!

The book is aimed at giving hope to countless of those women who don’t know what to expect while going through the trauma of a marital disaster. This book touches on the topic which our society uses daily to apply ground-rules and moral policing but it is time we break free from that regressive stigma.

It is time that a divorce is understood just as an unfortunate chapter and not given any more importance than what is due. It is time, concept of marriages in India – change!


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