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The Tailender is a delightful novel written by budding author Anirudh Naveen. The nuances of the game have been interspersed within a narrative to mitigate the various problems confronted by board-exam bound students. In the process, a variety of historical and political references have been made, sure to captivate readers across all age groups!


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The year is 1938. A young man resolves to dedicate his life to a cause, one that requires steadfast effort and initiative. Fast forward to 2016. The man’s lifelong efforts finally bear fruit! The beneficiary: A student of Grade 10 named Prahlad.

What is the strand connecting these events?

Prahlad, an irritable boy, whose life is in absolute turmoil, accompanies his uncle Pramod for a vacation, ostensibly to facilitate a change in his attitude towards academics. The all-important Board exams lie ahead, and this change is much needed!
Upon interacting with Prahlad, Pramod realizes his innate abilities, and most crucially his passion for cricket. Tactfully, he manages to keep him attentive, invoking cricket at many junctures. Indira Gandhi, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and Sunil Gavaskar are an essential part of this process; but many revelations over the course of that vacation make Pramod uncertain about the success of his initiative.
If Pramod does not succeed, he would incur the wrath of an irritable sister in-law (Prahlad’s mother), with whom a personal dimension of rivalry too prevails.
Can Dhoni or Sunil Gavarkar change Prahlad’s perspective towards life? Or will personal rivalries prevent any progress from taking place? What will help in sorting out this jumbled puzzle?

The answer lies ahead, in The Tailender.


Anirudh Naveen (born 2002) is an 18-year old author, blogger, YouTuber and budding entrepreneur. Born in Noida, India to a military household, Anirudh’s saga of achievements include winning the gold medal in the Semas International Abacus competition. He nurtured an interest in reading and writing from a younger age, and events in his life have significantly helped him evolve as a writer.
Writing has been an intrinsic part of his life ever since he turned 9. The hobby stemmed out of an interest in cricket, and he completed his first compendium of cricket commentary at the age of 10. Gradually, as he acquired more worldly wisdom, his pallete incorporated themes like value systems, history, culture etc. This culminated in his penning down a compilation of short stories, titled ‘The Bird That Never Flew’ in 2018, and it received considerable traction on Amazon. His passion for the game of cricket kept him steadfast in his writing pursuits, resulting in his publishing a second book- this time a novel titled ‘The Tailender’.

He also keeps himself active in the social realm, helping fellow students and juniors sharpen their abilities in different ways. He has conducted three workshops for children addressing a plethora of themes like story writing, poetry and value systems, which have received very positive response.
He has also been the President of the Gavel Club of Toastmasters International, Pune South-east, and has attained the distinction of completing the Competent Communication manual (10 speeches).
Anirudh is also a YouTuber, with about 2400 subscribers to his channel, where he creates educational content. He is a winner of the ‘Times Scholars’ competition organized by the Times of India in 2019-20. He has also been a consistent performer academically.
Anirudh aspires to be a prolific writer, and seeks to provide a novel perspective to Indian culture and history through his writings. He is a winner of the ‘Times Scholars’ competition organized by the Times of India in 2019-20.

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