Book Excerpt: Lockdown Stories of a Typewriter by Joyita Basak

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Chapter 1: Lockdown diaries of a typewriter.

Animesh Roy, the only son of world-famous barrister Akhilesh Roy is a student of fifteen, completing his 9th standard in UK. He stays in Manchester City along with his parents. Akhilesh is one of the most eminent barristers in UK while he completed his LLB course from Harvard and now he is settled in Manchester City and he is comprised to solve high-profile cases mainly moderated from the political level.

Lately he married Emily Watson who was the head curator of the Art Museum in Manchester. Akhilesh Roy inherits from one of the most popular families in Kolkata, his father Aditya Pratap Roy who was one of the popular and eminent zamindars during British Raj. Aditya Pratap Roy has been adored by his various intelligence in business trades which also helped their fundamental growth in here.

He inherited a huge amount of parental property from their golden economical days with British Generals. Born in the time of growing seeds of nationalism, Aditya Pratap has been sharp-minded and extremely talented to continue the trading business of their family. At an very early age of 15, he became a true heir to continue the legacy of their zamindari along with the well curated business trade.

Animesh has heard quite a lot of stories about his grandfather from his father’s glory and he has always been restless to visit the place anytime soon. But due to the strict regulations of Raibari of north Calcutta, they couldn’t accept an Anglo- British born daughter in law for their favourite youngest son. Yes, Akhilesh was the youngest among the four children Aditya Pratap had and he had truly made his family proud with his showcase of talents and skills worldwide. Graduating from Harvard and settling as an eminent lawyer from the East has always been a proud moment for the Roy family.

While they have fixed the marriage ceremony with one decent girl from a wealthy family in Kolkata, Akhilesh refused to marry her because he was already in love with Emily beforehand. Due to the rule breaking antonyms, Aditya Pratap couldn’t spare his beloved son also, so it’s been quite a decade since the last time he met his father in person. But he has been equally in love with the cultural heritage he learnt from Raibari, so he desperately tries to teach their elegance and aristocratic polish refinement to his only child Animesh.

Being an Anglo- Indian born, he has only developed curiosity for Indian culture only. He had already finished reading a few history books of Raibari with help of his father, while he developed a true interest towards the cultural importance of his grandfather’s Legacy but he never visited the evergreen Raibari in the heart of Calcutta.

Last week they heard the news of the sudden demise of his grandfather, Animesh became distressed. The person whom he wanted to meet once in his lifetime, the person whom he wanted to greet once is no more in this world. It’s probably the time to visit home for Akhilesh, he desperately misses his childhood from ages so when he wishes to witness the last journey of his father for one last time, he left all urgent cases and he reaches Calcutta along with his family.

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