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Stephen King says,

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”

This especially holds true in a populous country like India, where every other individual is talented in more than one way. How then, does one make a name and place for oneself, specifically in their professional field? The answer is simple, even though the follow through of it, is quite difficult, which is hard work; and, a lot of smart work. 

Do you have a good hold on language and the ability to express yourself with written words? Then, the first step of being a writer is already ticked off. Here’s some other things that might be helpful though. 

Tips on how to write:

  1. Write from the heart

Writing relatable content is the need (and demand) of the hour. So, without worrying about facts, write the first draft from the heart. In my experience, a spur of the moment piece might just turn out to be better received than a well-researched or technical piece. 

  1. Read what you have written

Before publishing, do read your written work at least once. It helps if you are able to read and scrutinize your work the way you would read someone else’s work. This helps look at it from a critical point of view, rather than a biased look. 

  1. Write regularly 

You might not be motivated or inspired to write on some days, but don’t give it up completely. Only by writing regularly will you be able to improve and grow as a writer. 

  1. Read everyday 

Even though you might not be writing every day, at least read a few articles or few pages of the books of your favorite genre, every day. I honestly believe that ‘Not every reader can be writer, but every writer must be a reader”

  1. Engage with readers as well as other writers/authors 

Look and listen to what your readers have to say about your writing, with an open mind. Yes, it can be hurtful and demotivating when someone says mean things about your writing, but only this will help you grow and improve on your writing skills and only through such feedback will you understand where you are going wrong and in which areas of your writing you need to focus and improve upon. 

Each writer has their own unique way of writing and working. So, interacting with others from your field will help you understand what they are doing and learn from them. 

Dos and don’ts for aspiring writers


  • Write at least five days a week.
  • Read at least 2 to 4 books in a month. 
  • Engage with readers and writers.
  • Maintain a journal. 
  • Write short sentences and use simple language (not everybody can be Shashi Tharoor)


  • Take criticism to heart instead of trying to learn from it.
  • Write for money or fame.
  • Undermine your work in public. 
  • Write with the thought of getting the piece published. 
  • Think that ‘My work does not need editing’. 

Author Bio

Having tried her stints in marketing and teaching, Manali finally answered her life’s calling through content writing. After realizing that doing a full-time job just wasn’t her cup of tea, she plunged into being a full-time freelance writer and editor. Apart from her ad hoc assignments, she also runs her blog A Rustic Mind on which she shares her travel experiences, life anecdotes and inspiring women stories. Her penchant for writing led her to publishing three solo books and two anthology books, alongside also editing a book for another author.

Manali has been a two times bestselling author on Amazon via her books The Untold Stories and the recently released The Art of Being Grateful & Other Stories. Even her short story ‘The Walls Have Ears’ got her the Best Short Story Award. These little achievements alongside the reviews and feedback she receives on her writing, help her stay motivated to continue her writing journey. If not writing, you can find Manali either reading, travelling, listening to music, binge watching a series she might be currently hooked to, or more than one of these at the same time, in no particular order. You can know more about her or follow her works through her social media handles, all under her pen name A Rustic Mind.

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