New Release: Colours with Radha Krishna by Anjali Jaipuria (Illustrations by Sudeepti Tucker)

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Colours with Radha Krishna by Anjali Jaipuria (Illustrations by Sudeepti Tucker)- Published by Adidev Press (2023)

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22 February 2023, New Delhi:

AdiDev Press announces the release of a beautifully illustrated bilingual book, Colours With Radha Krishna; Rang Radha Krsna ke Sang. Written in verse by Anjali Jaipuria, this picture book is a great primer on Radha and Krishna for young readers.

From the rustling green leaves on the trees to the fluttering pink butterflies, Sudeepti Tucker’s lively illustrations introduce children to ten different colours (including gold and silver) and bring alive the sights and sounds of Radha and Krishna’s pretty home in vivid colours.

With beautiful and detailed illustrations on every spread, it comes with a QR code to the Hindi translation of the text and a free audiobook read by master storyteller Rohini Vij.

Chitwan Mittal, Founder, and Editorial Director of AdiDev Press says, “This book is a fun way to introduce kids to the figures of Radha and Krishna, as well inculcate an appreciation of the natural world – and the best part is that it’s bilingual and therefore accessible to so many more kids than it would be as just an English language story. Telling kids stories in their mother tongues as well as in English helps to develop language skills and fluency across languages.”

Rohini Vij, Professional Storyteller, and Educator , says“I had a wonderful time recording the audiobook for Colours with Radha Krishna published by AdiDev Press. This gorgeously illustrated book is bursting with colour and poetry and is truly a work of art. Every spread deals with a different colour and is a slice of Radha-Krishna’s radiant life. To give these words a voice and create an experiential soundscape was a challenging yet delightful experience for me. I am sure readers and listeners from different walks of life will take away immensely from it.”

Price: INR 699 / Format: Hardcover / Pages: 20

Anjali Jaipuria is an educationist with a vision for fundamental change in the Indian educational system. Educational reform is her passion and she is introducing the same in the school she runs, Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. She also runs Navsrijan, an English medium school for under-served children. She gives talks on the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, and evolutionary science in the light of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s works. She writes spiritual poetry and this is her first attempt at writing verse for children.

Sudeepti Tucker is an independent artist and illustrator with practices in New Delhi and Bangalore, India. Creating in both analog and digital mediums, her work explores themes of nature, expression, and femininity while opening up dialogues about roots, identity, and image. In her personal narratives, she explores the complexities of navigating both one’s inner and outer worlds and of the Self, in consonance with nature.

Sudeepti has previously collaborated with brands such as Google, Tata, Maruti Suzuki, Cosmopolitan, and The Times of India to name a few. Her paintings have been exhibited at art fairs globally and across the country, most recently at Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai, and Art Basel, Miami.


AdiDev Press is an independent publishing company from India. It was born out of a passion for children’s picture books and a deep love for South Asian culture. AdiDev Press hopes to create beautiful books that will introduce children to different aspects of South Asian culture, leveraging story-telling, beautiful visual elements, and simple content. They aspire to bring the rich heritage of South Asia into the lives of children in a meaningful manner.

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