From the Founder’s Desk: 5 years and counting…

A note from our founder Namrata on completing 5 years of Keemiya Creatives

Twitter just reminded me that it’s been five years since Keemiya Creatives. This notification sent me back in time when in 2018 January I had just officially announced it.

The actual work was done in the last few months of 2017 before making noise on social media. As I have always said, the core idea was to make publishing more transparent for writers. And also, more accessible.

Since then, have been a part of:

💫 75 books (published ones, we don’t talk about the unpublished ones yet!)

💫 5 short films

💫 8 book trailers

💫 14 bestsellers on Amazon

💫 6 book-to-screen adaptation proposals

💫 12 ghostwriting projects.

And I feel we have barely scratched the surface.

I have been a freelancer for a decade now. But somehow I don’t feel like counting the work I did before KC. It always feels, with KC I gave wings to my creativity. Ventured into territories that I had zero idea about. Explored fields I always dreamt of. And the result is pure magic.

From starting with a small sum to reaching a breakthrough in 3 years and now, being to make profits, this journey has been a huge learning.

This year, I am embarking on yet another adventure as I work on something that’s been long on my list, something I have never done before and can be a huge deal if it works in my favour. But then, what are the odds?


So, here’s to 50 more such years. 500 books. 5000 short stories and so on…

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