Guest Post: All About Second Innings

Namrata writes a piece for TOI Opinion where she shares her experiences of joining the workforce after a sabbatical and changing industries.

Ever wondered about how to restart your career after a small gap?

Namrata shares lessons from her journey of being a banker before entering the literary community as an editor and writer for The Times Of India Blog.

With the recent news of layoffs flooding social media platforms, it is normal for one to be worried about their job.

To make matters worse, it becomes all the more difficult for women who want to join the job market after a small gap.

I took a year-long gap in my twelve-year-long corporate career. I stayed in the same industry (BFSI) but even then, it wasn’t easy. For starters, the salary offered was too low. To make matters worse BFSI industry undergoes constant changes. So by the time I returned after a year, my knowledge was outdated. In simpler terms, this means the company hiring me would also have to invest in training me again. 

Read the full piece on TOI Blogs.

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