Experience V/s Storytelling

Namrata shares her thoughts on storytelling v/s experience – what is important in a narrative.

As a published author I am asked very often to give tips to aspiring writers. If there is one tip I could share with them it would be this – Tell a story that you just cannot hold within you anymore. Do you remember that feeling of being in love so much that you had to tell the person you were in love with?  Telling a story is akin to that. Just like love envelops you completely, the story and its characters engulf you pushing you to tell their story.

Every time someone says I want to be the next *insert a best-selling author’s name* I am always taken aback. Why would you want to be a second-hand version of someone else? The world already has one; there is no need for another. Why not try bringing in your own USP and make the world notice you? That happens when you stop following the herd and try to do what you always believed in firmly. However weird and unrealistic it might sound, your belief in it will make it real. Remember Harry Potter was rejected many times before being selected? Not everyone can judge a masterpiece in the first instance. The main question is and should always be – Did those rejections make J K Rowling give up and change her thoughts on writing? No, she kept trying because she believed in her work. 

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