Literary News: An innovative AI-crafted children’s book released on Amazon India

Delhi-based author Ashima Mathur has released a children’s book on Amazon India called The Magical Mission to Mars, co-authored with ChatGPT.

15 June 2023, New Delhi

Announcing the publication of The Magical Mission to Mars, co-authored with the Artificial Intelligence model ChatGPT and brought to life through vibrant illustrations using the AI software MidJourney by Ashima Mathur.

Released on Amazon India, this ground-breaking book marks a significant milestone in children’s literature and possibly the first of its kind in India. A story of imagination, innovation, and the indomitable human spirit, echoing the transformative journey of Anay, the book’s protagonist. This inventive amalgamation of AI’s precision and human emotional intelligence creates a unique and immersive reading experience.

All profits from this project will be donated to charities focused on educating underprivileged children.

In picture: Illustration from the book

Announcing the release, the creator of this book, Ashima Jain said: “I was fascinated with AI after my husband, an expert in this field, introduced me to it. To see if the hype is real, I decided to create a high-quality, market-ready product. Since I didn’t want to compromise on quality, I had to overcome many unique problems in using AI: writing lengthy stories despite ChatGPT’s context size limit, mastering prompts to produce text aligned with my vision, and creating illustrations of consistent characters. This journey revealed that now, with AI, you don’t need to quit your day job or have a big budget. You just need a potent creative vision and tenacity to make great art.”


Discover the boundless power of dreams and the magic of the universe in this ground-breaking book that promises to take its readers on an unforgettable journey beyond the stars. Anay is a young boy from India, whose dreams are as vast and limitless as the cosmos itself. Guided by his burning curiosity and unwavering determination, Anay ventures on a monumental journey to become the first astronaut to set foot on Mars.

His adventures extend beyond exploration, leading to an extraordinary encounter with a civilization of aliens on Mars. This meeting of worlds results in exchanges of wisdom and knowledge that hold the potential to revolutionize life back on Earth. The Magical Mission to Mars isn’t just a tale of interstellar exploration. It’s a celebration of the unwavering human spirit, the pursuit of knowledge, and the limitless potential within each one of us.

Illustration from the book

An experience that will inspire, educate, and ignite the imaginations of children and adults alike. Embark on this unforgettable journey with Anay and witness how dreams can reshape our world. This book is an exciting example of how innovative technologies can revolutionize the world of literature

Price: INR 499 / Format: Hardback / Pages: 65


Ashima Mathur, a graduate of Pearl Academy, Delhi, combines her passion for design and storytelling in this unique book. By co-creating with AI, she pushes the boundaries of creativity to inspire young minds.

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