6 Questions to Consider before joining Threads.


Namrata analyses new social media platform Threads and shares a list of questions before venturing into a new social media platform for everyone.

Have you considered joining Threads? I was recently asked the same question. Sharing my thoughts on this with six points you should consider before joining any social media platform.

This implies to you whether you are a writer, brand, solo entrepreneur, small business owner or a large company.

Platform Decision

When deciding to add another platform, ask yourself:

  • Can you manage it effectively?
  • What’s the estimated reach it will generate?
  • And most importantly, what’s the goal of having another platform to connect with your audience?

Prioritize Effectiveness

If a social media platform is your main income source, it’s important to approach new platforms with caution. If your existing platform is already delivering results, why venture into a relatively new one?

Evaluate Costs

Expanding horizons is great but consider the cost. Adding Threads means extra work for your team, and there’s no guarantee of immediate returns. Evaluate the investment of time and money carefully.

Adapt Or Abandon

While some brands are leaving social media altogether, smaller brands continue to invest resources. Is it still worth it? Reflect on your goals and weigh the benefits against the evolving social media landscape.

Clear Objectives

Building an appealing presence is essential, but make sure it’s not on borrowed land. Every social media platform should have a clear goal and expected outcomes. This aligns the strategist, content designer, and social media manager on one page to deliver better.

Define your Purpose

So, what do you expect from your Threads account? Define your purpose and align it with your overall social media strategy. Clarity breeds success.


As for whether I will be joining Threads – Oh yes! I am the creator and the consumer too. As a Social Media Strategist, I need to know which social media platforms are great for which products and/or clients.

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