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Our literary guest for the month of October on Behind the Book series for the Bookbot Theory is Sabin Muzaffar, Founder- Ananke Mag.

Behind the Book is a series of interviews we host with literary guests every month on our book marketing podcast the Bookbot Theory.

These guests include editors, festival directors, award-winning authors, publicists, marketing strategists, publishers, etc, to discuss various aspects of book marketing.

What is the Bookbot Theory?

Bookbot Theory is an exclusive podcast on book marketing on Swellapp.

The Bookbot Theory is your exclusive gateway into the world of book marketing in India. Hosted by industry expert Namrata, this dynamic podcast is a treasure trove of insights, strategies, and actionable tips for authors looking to thrive in the competitive landscape of Indian publishing.

With candid discussions, expert interviews, and real-life anecdotes, the Bookbot Theory demystifies the intricacies of book marketing, helping authors navigate the ever-evolving realm of promoting their literary creations.

Whether you’re a debut novelist or an experienced author, we have something for everyone.

Tune in and embark on your journey to literary success today!

It features two distinct segments designed to provide valuable insights and tips for authors looking to succeed in the publishing industry. In the first segment, we share our expertise by providing actionable tips and tricks for book marketing. We’ll also narrate real-life incidents to illustrate key concepts and answer listener queries on all aspects of book promotion.

In the second segment, we invite a diverse range of literary guests to join us on the Book Bot Theory, where we debunk common myths about book marketing, bestsellers, and other critical aspects of selling a book.

Our guests include publishers, social media strategists, book marketers, literary agents, independent bookshop owners, and other literary communities that contribute to book promotion in unique ways.

By providing a platform for open and honest discussions, we aim to equip our listeners with the knowledge and tools they need to take their careers to new heights.

What can we expect from the podcast?

  • Learn book marketing free of cost
  • Interact with literary stalwarts
  • Analyse bestsellers
  • Ask your marketing-related questions and get an expert opinion

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About Sabin Muzaffar

Sabin Muzaffar

Sabin Muzaffar is the Founder and Executive Editor of, a new media and development platform creating inclusive conversations in the digital realm, launched in 2014.

Sabin began her career in the fields of journalism content development, and curation and is a publishing expert. Having successfully launched a digital media and development platform,, her 25+ years in the media industry includes working with prestigious international publishing names and digital media entities as well as marketing and social media organizations including Gulf News, Khaleej Times, BBVA OPENMIND, ITP Publishing, daily DAWN (Pakistan) and The News International (Pakistan), SPIDER Internet Magazine (Pakistan), SHE magazine for Women (Pakistan), International Women’s Initiative, Pakwired, Bayzat, Calcus, and many more.

In 2021, she founded another initiative, Ananke’s Women in Literature Foundation (AnankeWLF), focusing on the written word and publishing in the Global South with a vision to create narratives about democratizing the literary landscape.

Possessing 25+ years of experience in print and digital media, her past roles, apart from her international journalistic career, include being a UN Women’s Empower Women Global Champion for Women’s Economic Empowerment and a mentor as well as Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor. She has mentored and trained 100+ girls globally focusing on digital media, online advocacy, and communication. Under her guidance, Ananke has been nominated twice by the World Summit on Information Society Prizes (2019 & 2020) & is currently a Commitment Maker for the Actions Coalition, Generation Equality.

Sabin was also among the 20 journalists selected from the EMEA region for London School of Economics, JournalismAI + Google News Initiative Program, AI Academy for Small Newsrooms. She is also an International Center for Journalist (ICFJ) Fellow. Sabin has had the privilege of speaking at global events and leading universities including Cambridge and London School of Economics.

Interview on Bookbot Theory with Sabin Muzaffar

We spoke to Sabin Muzaffar at the Bookbot Theory on the role of literary festivals for an author. Having helmed the Ananke WLF for years now successfully, Sabin is also the festival director for the litfest.

She discussed the challenges authors face while attending litfests, the benefits of being at one, and much more.

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