Chetan Mahajan- Founder, HWR

“Namrata wore flip-flops on her first visit to the retreat in Feb 2020. In my ignorant enthusiasm, I made her walk 5 km up and down steep hill slopes in cold and rain to visit the Chirag School. Despite that, she quickly became the best friend the Himalayan Writing Retreat ever had.

She had great ideas, implemented them well, and had the work ethic of a demon. On multiple occasions, I pleaded with her to take leave. We weathered the Covid storm together and built our blog and online courses through it. The list of all she did would be longer than a hungry Karva Chauther’s food fantasy. That we’ve hired two people to replace her speaks for itself. But she is not really leaving. She is just switching roles from employee #1 to BFF.”

Published by The Lost Wanderer

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