I admire the flexibility and effective communication shown during the editing of the novel. The concepts of astrology are extremely cumbersome to understand and work upon especially for one who is unacquainted with it. I appreciate how smoothly it was handled.

Rutuparna Thatte- AUTHOR


Namrata is a thorough professional in her work. The way she has handled the editing of my book is just too good. Given her experience and her knowledge, she is a stellar professional in delivering quality work. She sticks with the timelines which is a rarity in these times.

She also provides valuable feedback on the plot of the story and also ensures the final product is error-free. Most important is that she is open to feedback and quickly adapts to the manuscript. Bringing a new look at the characters and making them the focal point is something that she is extremely good at. Kudos to her and her team for delivering an exceptional quality product.

Rishikesh Meena


I am indeed a fan of Keemiya Creatives.
The way my first book “The Lady in the Mirror” is being represented with such love and care , makes me immensely proud of your services.  Keep up the good work !

Author Charu Vashistha Gulati

Mentorship Student

I admire the flexibility of Team Keemiya when it comes to helping people. We shared a very professional relationship, collaborating while being 1336.8 km away. Not a day went by without their quick responses to any queries and I never felt the long distance during the time span of us working. Needless to say, their critics on my writing really made me improve. 

Thus I would like to conclude by saying that Keemiya Creatives would be a great asset to any writer. They are passionate about what they do, dauntless, daring to touch the skies and race through the winds.



It was a wonderful experience working with Namrata for my book The Other End of the Corridor. Namrata ensured to not only give her review comments for every sentence that she read of my manuscript but also adhered to the timelines. Her suggestions definitely helped me to give the needed twists and turns to the story. – Sujata Rajpal