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In today’s times, author branding has gained so much importance that it is impossible to ignore this while continuing to work on your masterpiece. As some famous author had once said,

“Till about close to two decades ago, authors did not have to worry about anything except working on their book. But in today’s times, the author has to not only write a good book but also actively market it well. The pressure has almost doubled on writers.”

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And we agree. In the time of social media where everything and anything has the potential to become viral news, a good book can be missed if not marketed properly.  In the words of an upcoming poet Arundhati Shah,

” It is like a market where you as the artist has to sell your art for it to sell. You need to pitch your art, make a marketing strategy, think of a USP and make a convincing sales pitch for a consumer to be interested enough in buying your work.”

The social media platforms have grown at a pace where many of us find it difficult to keep up with them. If asked to share the three most important aspects to bear in mind while working on your branding, Team KC would say:

(1) Be unique

Though social media is responsible for overnight literary sensations like Rupi Kaur, what one needs to remember is that the world doesn’t need another Rupi Kaur. It is YOU who needs to create a name for yourself, and that, doesn’t happen by becoming another Rupi Kaur or another Chetan Bhagat. It happens when you stay unique.

(2) Be consistent

Social media algorithms can be extremely confusing at times. One day it makes you feel like a viral sensation and the next day you end up feeling lost. It all happens at the click of a button. Therefore, it is important to be consistent, to keep doing what you intend to do. Expecting overnight miracles does not work in this aspect. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Brands take months and sometimes years to build loyalty around their names. The key to success is consistency.

(3) Be patient

Most importantly, be patient. Brand building is a long process, can be lonely and tiring at times when you do not see results for the amount of efforts you put it. However, you need to be patient and keep working on it.

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At Keemiya Creatives we firmly believe every author is unique and so is every book. Hence there is never one set formula which works for every one. Every author, every book needs a different strategy, customized and created specially keeping in mind their USP and also the desired output.

If you have any specific questions regarding author branding or any other aspect of publishing, do feel free to write to us. We would love to host them in this segment every Monday and share our expertise with you.

If you are a published author or an aspiring author who is looking at getting publishing soon, do get in touch with us for a free consultation. Get a customized author branding plan made exclusively for you and see your brand grow.



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