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As an aspiring writer, it is obvious for one to feel overwhelmed with the whole process of writing a book. It is a long process and there is no rule book to abide by. Where to start from, how to start, how to write, how to end – the list of wheres, whys and hows are endless and so are the possible answers.

It is important to remember this quote at such times,

There are three rules of writing and unfortunately, no ones them!

A lot has been said before about it and a lot will be said because there is no one said rule which fits all. The most important thing is to WRITE and that is a certainty. Rest everything else is ambiguous.

If we were to highlight some basic tips for writing then it would have to be:

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However, this list is exhaustive. The internet is full of tips and tricks by famous authors who have shared what works for them. Maybe what your favourite author says might work for you, maybe not. Maybe a combination of it all would or perhaps that will help you derive on an entirely new formula which works for you.

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Remember, no one thing is perfect for all. And incase you are stuck in deriving what works for you the best, do not hesitate to write to us for a free consultation. We would love to chat with you about writing and anything around it at large.

Write to us with your specific queries regarding any aspect of writing and we will have our team of experts address that at length for you.

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