Monday Microscope: A Writer’s Journey by Karma (Guest Post)

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Dear Readers,
I am very grateful to Team KC for providing me with the opportunity to feature on the blog. It’s a refreshing feeling to be welcomed into sharing my literary work without the small caveat of constantly being asked to pay for the privilege.
Before I tell you about my new novel, I want to answer a question that might arise in your mind. Given there are already so many writers (some might think too many), the question is: Why should I write at all?

Simply, I write because I was not allowed to write. Or read, any book which had the word love in it. In my family, it was believed that reading about love lead to rebellion. I myself picked up the pen when my only child was six-months old. At that time, I was without a job. I wrote because there was a lot that I wanted to tell my child, even if one day in the future, to make sense of this world. Writing also helped me keep hope alive, one page at a time, as I went from one fruitless interview to another.
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As my child took first steps, I reached a milestone of my own. I completed my first book; the story of a young man’s quest to find answers to life’s questions. A boutique publisher in Paris loved it and translated my work into French. I even found a job soon after.
The title of my new novel, which is my second, is Race. I am very excited to tell you about it. It’s a narrative driven by two young men who fall in love with the same woman; a woman with many enemies. Far too many and far too powerful. The rivalry between the two young men brims with racial tension because they are from different ethnicities. Their enemies are only too happy to capitalise on their hatred. In the end, love demands sacrifice. What will they sacrifice? What is the price of love? Perhaps, love itself.

I am writing this novel under a pen-name because I am at a stage in my life where I prefer and love anonymity. Once my child is older, I intend to write under my own name.

Many thanks for reading my post and I hope you enjoy reading my novel, which is my small effort towards not seeing the world in black and white.

Yours faithfully,



Race’ is a thrilling masterwork of fiction, newly published on the 20th December 2019 (available on Amazon), with international appeal and a multifaceted narrative. You will experience a love triangle, fierce competition, relentless enemies, racial tension and side-by-side combat in a quest to find the Philosopher’s Stone. Where do you start when the Stone could be anywhere?
Andy is eighteen, born into a powerful family and a scripted life already decided for him, as his parliamentary family members expect conformity from him. Joe, also eighteen, is from a poorer background, working part-time in McDonald’s to support his tuition. Fate puts them into an alien situation. The name of that alien: Princess Tara, of Planet Artan, who is here on Earth to find the Philosopher’s Stone, relying only on obscure clues, and save her planet from destruction by evil forces. The first solution; find Nemo, a sage (more or less), the last surviving member of a secret organisation dedicated to fighting evil. And guess who evil’s representative on Earth is? None other than Satan himself.
Each turn of the page is as compelling as the next, and the two protagonists manufacture a vitriolic rivalry as they both fall for the Princess. But only after tasting each other’s blood, do both men realise what is truly at stake; they need to help the Princess find the Stone or all is lost! The fate of all characters is put to the test as resistance weakens and evil thrives as the clock ticks. Time can prove a cruel consequence for survival. Can you overwhelm the devil? Does love matter more than humanity? The Stone is needed. Now more so than ever.
Join the race for survival in the new 2020 epic that is certain to take up the next space on your bookshelf. Karma is what to expect if you don’t jump onto the opportunity to read the newbie on the block with fiction for those who want to experience more not less.

Happy reading!

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P.S: Stay tuned for an exclusive excerpt from the novel for your eyes only! Coming next week.

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