From the Founder’s Desk: Interview with Namrata

Our founder Namrata was interviewed by Booksfirst – an online resource for book lovers.

Namrata founded Keemiya Creatives in 2018 with the idea of making publishing accessible to writers.

We offer both pre-publishing and post-publishing support to writers that include editing, beta-reading to online book marketing. Our services include Amazon marketing and customized social media marketing. We offer offline marketing only in select cities. You can write to us at to know more.

Recently, Namrata was featured on Booksfirst – an online resource for those who love books and reading. The questions ranged from writing (Namrata is a published author with multiple short stories in various anthologies along with 4 solo titles to her credit.), reading and of course the various literary communities Namrata is a part of.

This is what she said about Keemiya Creatives in the interview:

I started Keemiya Creatives in 2018 because I realized that there is a huge gap between authors and publishing in India. A gap where sometimes misunderstanding creeps in and leaves you with a bad taste.

When an author wants to publish a book, it is common for them to not know where to start. Publishing in India is not exactly as transparent as it should be. And it is easy to feel lost while looking to get published. My aim with Keemiya is to make the whole process accessible, transparent, and easy to go through.

I have been working with authors and publishing houses since 2014 in various capacities ranging from editing, book marketing, beta-reading, and social media marketing. With Keemiya, I took a step forward and also added author branding and publishing to this. If there is anything a writer needs, that I might not have on my list of services, I always ensure they have a few references of people who offer these services. Being in this industry also means knowing people who offer different services. Highlighting them and their services is my way of saying that the writer can rely on them.

Memorable wins? The first has to be of an author who was a retired gentleman trying to publish his collection of stories for almost six years with no luck. We designed his pitch (including a cover letter and synopsis) after which he got a traditional publishing offer from a reputed publishing house. He has gone on to publish four titles so far, all traditional and all bestsellers.

The second has to be an author who was getting published in English after having been a bestselling writer in Hindi for more than a decade. We managed all branding across social media platforms which resulted in the book being a bestseller for close to 12 weeks. The book is currently in its third print run.

I need to add here, we are not limited to India. We also work with authors from across the globe and in varied genres. So far, we have worked on children’s books, poetry collections, historical fiction, anthologies, contemporary fiction, romance, horror, memoirs, and motivational books with authors from seven countries and three continents.

Irrespective of what stage of writing you are in, #TeamKeemiya will always be there to support you, help you and guide you through your journey of becoming a published writer. Reach out to us through any of our SM handles, write an email, or simply comment on this post to connect with us.

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