The Bookbot Theory – What, Who, Where and Why?


Keemiya Creatives is proud to announce a new initiative, The Bookbot dedicated to book marketing in India.

Welcome to The Bookbot Theory, the ultimate Swellcast for authors who want to navigate the intricate world of book marketing with confidence.

I’m your host, Namrata, founder of Keemiya Creatives – A literary consultancy based in Mumbai and a seasoned book marketing expert with over a decade of experience in the industry.

What is the Bookbot Theory?

Are you an aspiring author looking to unravel the mysteries of book marketing? Or perhaps a self-published author seeking to enhance your marketing strategies? Look no further! This Swellcast is designed just for you.

Join me as we demystify book marketing and make it accessible to all. Together, we’ll delve into the depths of this uncharted territory, shining a light on the strategies, techniques, and trends that will propel your book to success.

What to expect in this Swellcast?

In each episode of “The Bookbot Theory,” we’ll embark on a journey to uncover the secrets behind making your book stand out in a saturated market. We’ll explore the tools and tactics that have transformed countless authors into bestsellers, while also diving into cautionary tales to highlight the pitfalls to avoid.

The Bookbot Theory features a dynamic format, combining enlightening solo episodes, engaging interviews with industry experts, and captivating panel discussions. We’ll bring you the inside scoop on the latest industry trends and share success stories that will inspire you to elevate your own book marketing game.


Each episode will serve as a solid foundation, offering you a comprehensive introduction to book marketing.

We’ll cover everything from the fundamentals to advanced strategies, discussing what you can do, how you can do it, and, most importantly, why you should do it.

With The Bookbot Theory as your guide, you’ll gain the knowledge, insights, and tools to market your book effectively and navigate the publishing landscape with confidence.

Our mission is to empower authors like you, bringing transparency and regulation to an otherwise mysterious and unregulated market.

Who is it for?

So, whether you’re a debut author ready to launch your masterpiece or a seasoned writer looking to amplify your reach, join us on this exciting journey. Together, we’ll unravel the book marketing puzzle, one chapter at a time.

Get ready to revolutionize your book marketing strategy with The Bookbot Theory.

New episodes drop soon, so be sure to subscribe and never miss a valuable insight. Stay tuned for our next episode where we will talk about ourselves and answer the most important question to start with: Who are we?  

Until next time, stay creative!

You can listen to the first episode of The BookBot Theory on the Swell app HERE.

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