From the Founder’s Desk: 5 years and counting…

A note from our founder Namrata on completing 5 years of Keemiya Creatives Twitter just reminded me that it’s been five years since Keemiya Creatives. This notification sent me back in time when in 2018 January I had just officially announced it. The actual work was done in the last few months of 2017 before makingContinue reading “From the Founder’s Desk: 5 years and counting…”

Monday Microscope : Advice from Stephen King

Writing is a lonely process and one that needs constant motivation to keep going. Let’s begin this week by listening to this awe-inspiring advice from none other than the master-story teller Stephen King himself.

Wednesday Wisdom: The Circle of Life by Beetashok Chatterjee

So you want to be a writer? No, that was not me guffawing, just a nasty cough…. please excuse me. Well, if I received a rupee from every person who nodded a ‘yes’ to my question, I’d be a wealthy man. I’d also welcome him to the Club; that exclusive Club of a zillion membersContinue reading “Wednesday Wisdom: The Circle of Life by Beetashok Chatterjee”

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