10 Reasons to Hire Us for Ghostwriting

Looking for a ghostwriter? Or are simply curious about ghostwriting? Fret not, we have answers to both questions. The recent revelation about Prince Harry’s ghostwriter made headlines for multiple reasons. (ICYMI, we recommend you read Notes from Prince Harry’s Ghostwriter | The New Yorker) In a way, that revelation once again brought ghostwriting into theContinue reading “10 Reasons to Hire Us for Ghostwriting”

Weekly Update: Jobs in Publishing

Jobs in Publishing in India for the week ending on 25th March 2023 Have you always dreamed of working in the Publishing industry in India, but do not know where to start? Fret not, we are here to help you with that. Every week, we will share a list of curated job openings (full-time andContinue reading “Weekly Update: Jobs in Publishing”

Monday Microscope: Decoding Publishing- Part 1

Namrata shares insights about the publishing options available for a writer today in India and why the story still remains the heart of any book. I began blogging sometime in 2011 when the literary industry in India was at its peak. The blogging which began more as a love for the written word soon gaveContinue reading “Monday Microscope: Decoding Publishing- Part 1”

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