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While talking to a lot of book-reviewers we noticed how so many books get lost in the noise on social media. Some of the most deserving books make the least noise and hence never reach the reader. Hence we decided to start a project called #DiscoverAnAuthor.

In this project, we will create small e-books genre-wise featuring authors along with their bio, social media links and an excerpt from their latest work. We will even be hyperlinking it with all of their previous works on Amazon. The plan is to keep these books free to download and encourage free circulation.

So for a reader, all they need to do is pick one that fits their genre requirements and flip through those pages to discover new authors and their works. We are doing this project at absolute no cost. So if you are an author who would like to be featured in these e-books, do drop in a line to us.

Dear authors – You never know whose favourite you might end up being…
Dear book lovers – A whole new world of new titles, authors and genres awaits you…
Come, be a part of this where we celebrate our love for the written word!

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