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Are you a writer (or want to be one) but don’t know where to start?

Do you have an idea for the next best seller but are struggling to make it happen?

Are you looking for someone who not only understands your vision but also works with you on it to make it better?

Do you crave for inspiration, motivation and constructive feedback on your write-ups regularly?

If you answered YES to one or all of the above, then we have the perfect solution for you!



‘Bring your ideas to us and we will help you turn them into full fledged novels!’

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Who is a mentor?

A mentor is a guide; a teacher and a critic who guides you in sharpening and taking your writing to the next level while being sensitive towards your vision and goals. They not only help you navigate through the whole process of writing a book but also assist you when the waters get rough with storms like writers block, self-doubt and Imposters Syndrome threatening to destroy it all.

What does a mentor help you in?

Seeing things you don’t – A writing mentor can help you test your work along the way. Sometimes that second set of eyes can work wonders on your writing. A writing mentor is an objective voice that keeps you on track.

Find your unique voice and hone it -Writers often struggle with finding their voice. A writing mentor can help you find your voice and develop a style that is your own.

Encouraging you to go that extra mile – Writing is a lonely life and writers, are solitary creatures who need constant motivation to keep going. It’s easy to start a project, but it’s difficult to finish. A mentor helps you pull through those difficult times.

Why do you need a mentor?

Writing is a lonely profession. It is not easy to sit on your desk, night after night, and bleed words. There are also threats like self doubt and writer’s block apart from the constant fear of the unknown. It is here that we want to say, “You are not alone in this journey!”

What is Akira Mentorship Program?

At Keemiya, we believe every writer is unique. With unique needs and demands, the writing feedback or guidance needed by them is also different. And hence we came up with Akira Mentorship program– a unique writing program where you will work with an alpha reader, an editor, a beta reader and a manuscript reviewer all at one go to make sure the end result is a flawless book.

What does it entail?

After initial scrutiny we will design a unique curriculum adapted to your personal goals. This will be followed regular evaluation of your progress, discussions on weekly phone calls/ emails, and guidance on how to improvise. All the while, our main objective continues to be the fulfillment of your personal goal. At no point in this exercise do we wish to alter your vision of the project. We will work together to polish it further before presenting it to the world.

Apart from feedback on the writing, we will also help you deal with emotional challenges such as writer’s block and self doubt. Enable you to find creative inspiration with writing prompts and exercises. Help you in research while working on your dream novel. Most importantly, we also send you reminders (if need be) to keep a tab on your daily writing goals to ensure you achieve your set targets in due time!

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What do you need to have?

All you need to have is an idea – an idea about what you wish to write. Fiction or nonfiction, poetry collection or a collection of short stories we work across genres like drama, historical fiction, romance novel, memoirs or a biography- we work on them all.

How does it work?

 Step 1: Analysis and Planning

Based on your idea and at what stage is your idea we will chalk out a detailed plan- highlighting all the areas that need to be worked upon. Our aim is to help you find your voice and make it shine. So the idea would be to encourage more of your writing than embossing our words. At any stage if you feel stuck you can always come back to us. We want to be your sounding boards, your 3 AM friend and agony aunt to discuss your novel.

 Step 2: Customized Solutions

Defining your goals and further sharpen your projects to meet them with regular discussions and feedback. Topics on which we can provide advice and guidance include creative blocks, increasing productivity, over-coming procrastination, research, identifying plot, theme and genre, structuring the manuscript, creating relatable characters, tone and voice, pitching and submitting work, book marketing and publishing.

 Step 3: Personalized Guidance

Basis your genre, writing style and interests we will draw a list of suggested reading material for you. Ensure the writer’s block is at bay with regular writing prompts and writing exercise

 Step 4: Editing

Once the manuscript is ready, we will give it one final developmental edit to ensure it is ready for publishing.

 Step 5: Publishing Pitch

Thereafter, we will help you identify publishing houses which suit your current project, help draft a pitch with an eye-catching author bio to pitch your novel to.

Time lines

As it is customized to suit your requirements, there is no time-line as such. However we advise to consider it in slots of 3 months, 6 months, 1 year etc.


The cost will vary basis the time lines of 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, the nature of the book and the work involved and starts from Rs. 6000/- onwards.

For whom is this suitable?

This programme is for anyone and everyone who is in love with the written word and aspires to be a published author. You will also be provided a certificate of completion of this mentorship program.

Now comes the surprise…

Keemiya Creatives is proud to announce an exclusive tie-up with a reputed publishing house wherein all the writers who opt for our mentoring program will automatically be considered for publishing. Yes, you got it right! No submission, no long waits to hear a positive response, to rejection slips – only the eager wait to hold your book in your hands!

Write to us with ‘Akira Mentorship’ as the subject to know more details.

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