New Offerings – 2021

In January 2021, we completed 3 years of being in operations. And these 3 years have looked something like this: 45 books edited and released 30 manuscripts evaluated and reworked on 5 book to screen proposals worked on 6 scripts written 3 writers mentored The journey has been exciting and something we are immensely proudContinue reading “New Offerings – 2021”

Monday Microscope: Shaping your story

Question: As a debut author I am stuck and not sure how to point this out simply! I have content written from 2008 till recent times. Things have changed because the world has changed. My content needs to be restructured, pruned, and the chronology also needs to be shifted. Second point about the brief ideaContinue reading “Monday Microscope: Shaping your story”

Monday Microscope: Akira Mentorship Program

Are you a writer (or want to be one) but don’t know where to start? Do you have an idea for the next best seller but are struggling to make it happen? Are you looking for someone who not only understands your vision but also works with you on it to make it better? DoContinue reading “Monday Microscope: Akira Mentorship Program”

Monday Microscope: Creating Conflict

Creating conflict in your story is an art mastered with practice and one that can make or mar the story. Every writer faces this challenge at some point or other while working on their manuscript as to how much conflict is enough. While zero conflicts might make a novel sound flat or not gripping enoughContinue reading “Monday Microscope: Creating Conflict”

In conversation with Pragya Bhagat

Today we have a very interesting writer, Pragya Bhagat with us in Bookish Adda to spread some Monday Motivation amongst our readers. To let you know more about her, Pragya Bhagat was born in New Delhi, but spent her childhood in five different countries. At the age of fifteen she immigrated to America, where sheContinue reading “In conversation with Pragya Bhagat”

Monday Microscope : #NaNoWriMo Survivor’s Kit

The #NaNoWriMo is on and we cannot wait to know how has it been so far for you! So send us your questions/ doubts/ ideas and we promise tons of motivation in return by being the best ‘Writing Buddy‘ for you.