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Namrata shares the journey of our podcast on book marketing, The Bookbot Theory which will soon complete two months with 500+ downloads and a great number of premium subscribers.

I started a podcast on Book Marketing in mid-July called The Bookbot Theory.

In less than two months we will soon be touching 500 downloads. The initial feedback has been very encouraging and very soon, we will be announcing our first Podcast Guest.

This podcast on the Swell app is aimed at demystifying book marketing and making it transparent by:

1️⃣ Learning Sessions – Aimed at sharing information about book marketing
2️⃣ Behind the Book series– Picking a bestseller or a popular book and trying to understand the marketing behind it.
3️⃣ Discussion Sessions– How-tos (Market, Promote, Plan, Budgeting, etc.)
4️⃣ Connecting the Dots series – Interviews with experts from the literary community.

What I learned in this two-month-old journey of trying something new:

Homework and research help – I attended podcast workshops, started listening to podcasts, and researched the platforms where I could do this. I also spoke to 50+ authors (traditionally and self-published) to understand the challenges faced when it came to marketing their books.

Key Takeaway is important – Today time is money. So if I am expecting someone to give 10 minutes of their time to me (even if it’s for free) I need to create value for them and show key takeaways.

Planning is always crucial – Before Bookbot Theory went live, I already had planned and chalked out close to 150 episodes (on paper). Had a list of 75+ guests I wanted to invite for discussions.

If you are an author with already published works to your credit or are yet to get published, the podcast episodes will help you understand book marketing in India.

Broken into small bite-sized episodes, the podcast aims to equip authors with the right tools to market their own books.

You can check out the Swellcast:

Excited to see what this journey holds in the future!

Namrata (Founder, Keemiya Creatives & Bookbot)

Questions? Suggestions? Thoughts or feedback? Share them with us in the comments below.

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