The Bookbot Theory – What, Who, Where and Why?

Keemiya Creatives is proud to announce a new initiative, The Bookbot dedicated to book marketing in India. Welcome to The Bookbot Theory, the ultimate Swellcast for authors who want to navigate the intricate world of book marketing with confidence. I’m your host, Namrata, founder of Keemiya Creatives – A literary consultancy based in Mumbai andContinue reading “The Bookbot Theory – What, Who, Where and Why?”

Announcement: Publishing Workshop 101

We are excited to announce our online workshop on Publishing happening in January 2023 in collaboration with Purple Pencil Project. As announced in the previous post, this workshop will be led by Namrata, Founder of Keemiya Creatives. Namrata is a board member at Purple Pencil Project apart from being a freelance writer and editor. AContinue reading “Announcement: Publishing Workshop 101”

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